19 examples of Crypto Scams on Facebook

19 examples of Crypto Scams on Facebook

Crypto Lists Scam
June 1, 2018 by IBC Staff
Crypto Scam

This article originally appeared here – https://hackernoon.com/ultimate-guide-to-facebook-crypto-scams-552a8a6ddd26 

Being an admin of a Facebook crypto investors group the most important part of my job is moderating the content that comes on the group. This is the content that drives all the engagement in the community. We have a zero-tolerance policy against scammers and immediately delete any such posts.

For the past 2 weeks, while doing our job, we decided to have some fun. We took screenshots of 19 possible ways in which people will try and scam you on Facebook. We have shared them below. These screenshots will give you a fair idea as to what kind of people and conversation to avoid.

We have not taken the pains to blur the faces as these all are scammer accounts, they deserve to be known and blocked.

A few things that you should keep in mind, after reading this post —

  1. It is not easy to make money. Anyone claiming it is scamming you.
  2. Crypto markets are NOT risk-free. By nature, crypto is a riskier, financial investing option. Anyone claiming otherwise is scamming you.
  3. Anyone who writes no scam, legit business is scamming you.
  4. There is no minimum investment in Crypto.
  5. Anyone who is posting about some third person helping them make money and thanking them is scamming you.
  6. Anyone asking you to share your email id, Inbox them or Whatsapp them or give any kind of details is scamming you.

The objective of the post was to raise your bullshit meter against popular crypto scams on Facebook.

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