[Infographic] 62 Insane facts about Bitcoin

[Infographic] 62 Insane facts about Bitcoin

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November 2, 2017 by Hitesh Malviya
Bitcoin Facts

Bitcoin is a virtual currency that uses Blockchain technology for secure payments and storing money electronically, without requiring a bank or a person’s name. Satoshi Nakamoto created this cryptocurrency back in 2009. The biggest advantage is that it’s not under control of central authority, government or private company, so people are free from paying transaction fees. It can be used for booking a hotel or flight, or purchasing products online, as many online stores and companies accept the currency now.

Today, there are 1354 Bitcoin ATMs in 55 countries around the world and about 5.8 million users that have digital wallets. The price for one BTC at the moment is $7100 and it’s growing continuously, proportionally with the interest for digital money.

What’s truly monumental is the introduction of Bitcoin Futures. As the currency turned 9 years old yesterday, CME, the commodity trading group announced that they will launch Bitcoin Futures. Given its close ties with wall street, this could very well be the beginning of blockchain based currency going mainstream.

While the Bitcoin juggernaut continues to roll on, take a look at this infographic, created by the team behind BitcoinPlay, that illustrates in details some interesting facts about this incredibly popular virtual currency.

62 Insane Facts about bitcoin (infographic)

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