7 Reasons Why Investing into Cryptocurrency Is The Best Investment

7 Reasons Why Investing into Cryptocurrency Is The Best Investment

August 26, 2017 by Kripi Badonia

History is proof enough to know that technology disrupts the games of big markets players. Naps and iTunes broke the music industry. Wikipedia made the Encyclopedia industry vanish overnight. The Mobile Phone industry bankrupted the Codec industry.  And now with bankless banking being adopted as the new way that the world economy will function, the banking industry which earns trillions of dollars each year without giving much in return – will also have to succumb against this technological advancement. Blockchains that provide instantaneous transactions without any transaction fees, is the next step on this ladder and right here, right now is the perfect moment to invest in the cryptocurrency industry.



  • Blockchain’s basic fundamentals make the world technologically advanced

Cryptocurrency is transparent because the transactions are recorded on the public blockchain ledger. In fact, the transaction is first approved and verified by the nodes and then it is carried forward. This also ensures that no financial manipulation or fraud occurs. Besides being finite, cryptocurrency cannot be diluted or hacked as the decentralized ledger cannot be altered once an entry has been made. Since, the community ensures that the currency is not diluted and more tokens are not released over the finite value – to meet the supply and demand gap, the value of the currency increases and everyone benefits.

  • The Cryptocurrency Market Capacity Will Grow. 

According to a recent article on Forbes, cryptocurrency is increasingly becoming a safe haven for smart investors worldwide in the most recent economic downturns. Also, at the time of this writing, all of the money in cryptocurrency today amounts to just under $160 billion. With satellite blockchain network beings set up in order to cater to the growing demand, you can expect the coins of today to gain enormous value tomorrow.

  • Gold Investors Shifting to Crypto Currencies

Mike Maloney, the founder of GoldSilver.com, encouraged other investors to maintain Bitcoin as a mandatory investment in their portfolios in case of market instability and unforeseen economic uncertainty. Following this, many prominent gold investors are slowly increasing their stake in various crypto currencies across the world. Many mainstream media analysts have emphasized that Bitcoin has demonstrated stipulating demands as gold investors started to seek out for alternative and safe haven assets to protect their investments.

  • The SEC Deemed Cryptocurrencies As Securities.

Last month, SEC finally decided to list cryptocoins as securities, like stocks. Owners of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin will have to pay capital gains just as they would with stocks. By regulating crypto, the SEC is further legitimizing it, helping to ensure its long term future. Also, this move means that investing in cryptocurrencies has future of growth and promising returns associated with it .

  • Blockchain Assets would be Accepted as Collateral

Now, this may not occur for all cryptocurrencies in the market but at least for the top 3 – according to market capitalization (Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash at the time of writing) – private lenders will start accepting blockchain assets as collateral. The great advantages of Blockchain assets compared to other traditional immovable assets like real estate or gold are that, it is an ideal form of collateral because they are inexpensive to transfer, store, and liquidate.

  • Altcoin Technologies Will Grow Faster Than You Know 

As quoted on Investing.com, “Bitcoin is constantly evolving and will continue to do so in the future. Newer currencies like Ethereum are evolving more fundamentally and more quickly. Even newer coins like NEO and Golem barely have a technological basis for their value, but are being developed at an incredible pace. This makes their price low and their potential upside great (though risky). Not all of the hundreds of coins on the market are worth your money. Not all of them will succeed. But some will, and they’ll make smart investors rich in the process.”

  • Developed Countries are Paving Way for Blockchain revolution

According to IHG: Recently Japan’s legislature passed a law that brought bitcoin exchanges under anti-money laundering/know-your-customer rules, while categorizing bitcoin as a kind of prepaid payment method; Last month the US Bitcoin exchange market overtook Japan to become the largest Bitcoin exchange market in the world. Now US markets have 30 percent market share over the global Bitcoin exchange market; Major European retailer Alza has begun accepting Bitcoin and installing Bitcoin ATMs in its outlets in Prague and Bratislava. In Europe, especially in Germany, Bitcoin has emerged as the most convenient mode of payment; Bitcoin based ATMs are increasing in USA and Europe.

What this means for the cryptocurrency industry is that as more countries pass legislative rules for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrencies will become more legalized, their value will rise and then crypto-investment will undoubtedly coming the best investment.

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