AdEx Releases Beta, Rolling Out V.2 Improvements Ahead of Schedule

AdEx Releases Beta, Rolling Out V.2 Improvements Ahead of Schedule

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February 27, 2018 by Hitesh Malviya
Adex Launches Beta Ahead of Schedule

AdEx advertising exchange released a beta version of its platform on February 26th, meeting another milestone in its roadmap. Now the platform has an accessible UI for advertisers and publishers, as well as improved scalability and integration possibilities.

AdEx offers an Ethereum-based blockchain marketplace for publishers to list their ad inventory and advertisers to buy ads with platform’s native token ADX. Now the platform has a simple and accessible user interface for both parties to use, allowing the regular business owner or any other community member to use it. The team mentioned that they seek to keep the interface simple, avoid adding unnecessary extra features and keep in touch with users’ feedback to tweak the product accordingly.

Along with the beta AdEx has also deployed an enhanced version of smart contracts to be used within the system. As stated by the developers, the new generation of contracts will allow advertisers’ bids to be stored in a form of signed off-chain messages, which makes the whole system much more scalable. In pursuit of the same goals, the general architecture of the system was made compatible with second-layer scaling solutions, such as Plasma developed by Ethereum and Lightning Network Creators.

In AdEx blog post the team has mentioned, that some of the improvements added to the beta were initially expected to be released only 2019. With new architecture the developers have figured out a new way to implement changes from AdEx V.2:

“[…] This new architecture allowed us to skip a step in the AdEx development altogether. Instead of rolling out AdEx V.1 in October, then starting work on AdEx V.2 in 2019, we went ahead with the scalability improvements that we had planned for AdEx V.2.” — the blog post reads.

The platform has drawn the attention of crypto community earlier in 2017 when it was holding blockchain-driven ad auction in partnership with travel-media giant Ink. Over the course of the auction, 1 million ad spaces on easyJet boarding passes were sold to several pre-approved advertisers.

Prior to the auction, AdEx has also successfully offered its tokens, raising over 40 000 ETH from about 2 000 contributors. Now ADX is listed on several crypto exchanges, showing less volatility, compared to the majority of post-ICO projects. The project has also acquired a number of beneficial strategic partnerships with both traditional and blockchain-related companies, such as Fintech Blockchain Group, Flixxo, Wings platform, AdHive, and others.

According to AdEx developers, further updates will offer Software Development Kit for iOS and Android platforms and new ad types, including interactive, gamified, and video ads. The company also expects to continue exploring scaling opportunities and expanding its partnerships list.

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