AITrading, Al-powered Trading Ecosystem announces Crowdfunding Campaign

AITrading, Al-powered Trading Ecosystem announces Crowdfunding Campaign

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May 18, 2018 by IBC Staff
AITrading Bring Artificial Intelligence to Crypto Trading

AITrading has announced today the Crowdfunding Campaign to raise funds for its trading platform that combines and facilitates interactions of market newcomers, professional traders, trading consultants, brokers and leading exchanges. AITrading ecosystem is based on the blockchain, AI and ML technologies, enabling transparent trading operations in a single click.

AITrading constantly detects trading ideas by monitoring unusual trading activity, recognizing patterns and conducting quantitative analysis. It also considers the user’s preference and risk tolerance and accordingly recommends the most appropriate course of action (supporting them by visual instruments such as trend lines). As for a particular idea, based on an AI engine AITrading elaborates and recommends the range of trading strategies balancing the profit/risk level. A user just needs to choose a strategy from a list of suggestions, evaluate it using backtesting and (if they’re happy to) accept and follow it. In addition, AITrading builds investment portfolios and also selects appropriate portfolios and suggests them to users. It utilizes both non-traditional Big Data sources as sentiment data for AI-based analytics and traditional technical and fundamental analysis. Moreover AITradingoffers the access to AI-engine analytical functionality (AI-as-a-Service, AIaaS) to third parties (B2B).

“Being an active trader on the stock market often means staying with your laptop or mobile device all the time. There is always a risk of losing money in the case of a poor quality trading idea assessment or inappropriate selection of a trading strategy. AITrading clearly has a better idea. The technology is unprecedentedly transparent and democratic. It works 24/7 discovering trading ideas and formulating trading strategies which are available to the whole trading community, but not only to large funds and banks. So AITrading establishes a new approach to exchange trading market and enhances the business model of financial institutions enabling quick and seamless scalability to all financial markets,” says Alexey Shirobokov, AITrading CEO.

The team has already announced the details of the crowdfunding stages. AITrading is raising funds based on the pre-sale of future access to the information service of the platform. As confirmation of the prepayment, AITrading will issue the AITT tokens (ERC-20 standard). The pre-sale is starting on June 10, 2018, and will last until July 05, 2018. The main stage will take place from July 06, 2018 till August 18, 2018. One AITT token corresponds to a prepayment of €0.88. The minimum acceptable prepayment is €88. The company anticipates to raise up to €60 million, with 34,5 percent of the accumulated sum to be invested in a product development, 26,5 percent to support infrastructure, security and integration and 27 percent to be spent on marketing & PR.

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