ATMChain wants to create a Decentralised Media Platform

ATMChain wants to create a Decentralised Media Platform

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October 26, 2017 by apurva sheel

Among the multiple platforms competing to introduce the blockchain technology into different platforms, ATMChain is an open platform that aims at marrying the blockchain technology with media advertising. Its main focus is to establish a trust chain among the advertising publishers, merchants, and the customers. Based in Switzerland, the ATMChain Foundation is a non-profit organisation working with the goal of creating sustainable open source community projects with a dimension focused on management efficacy and security of raising funds.

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How does ATMChain Work?

ATMChain works on the blockchain network combined with an app and the open platform of ATMChain. With the aim of building a blockchain plus media strategy, it implements the digitization of the media asset values which progressively improve the business service ecosystem. Its focus is to provide a transparent, reliable, safe, and open data sharing experience to all consumers.

What does ATMChain aim at achieving?

With the ATMChain technology, it is claimed that users can protect their security and personal privacy in addition to getting rewards in lieu of viewing advertisements. In simple words, ATMChain wishes to reduce advertisement cheating and malignant scalping.

The Process

The ecosystem that ATMChain is aiming to work on includes advertising platforms, media screen, advertising users, publishers, digital currency exchanges, user site providers in addition to other essential participants of the media screen. The process, as defined on their website, progresses as follows:

Each participant is rewarded for the role that they play in this ecosystem. A publisher will transfer the reward for a subsequent site provider and user in terms of ATM tokens; the screen host will receive ATM tokens as the reward for maintaining media screens; the users will receive them as a reward for entertaining an advertisement.

Every transaction that is carried out on the platform is powered by the blockchain technology and is transparent as well as traceable. The exchange also offers the real-time exchange rate between the ATM token and the fiat money.

Progress so far

The ATM token was launched fairly recently on October 4, 2017, at a price of $0.026 per token and has achieved a present market cap value of $208,790,287 within 24 days. It has been trading between $0.026 and $0.045 per token and currently, almost 29.1% of the maximum supply of the token is in circulation.

Additional Information

The ATMChain Foundation has some strong partnerships supporting it. The foundation is currently working with Xain-Group, Hyperledger, RFintech, OJSC RTI, Consensys, Swisscom, HitBTC, and Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA).

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