Bitcoin: A slap or a clap

Bitcoin: A slap or a clap

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August 25, 2017 by Gopal Bansal

To say that nature gives us all necessary things free which leads to a healthy life like air, water, food, etc. is complete bullshit. At the end of the day, you have to earn a centralized stamped paper note to get food to eat, water to drink and a shelter to sleep. The government is controlling your money and if you’re a human being, you will need money at the end of the day. People don’t believe in centralized money these days. If we can send a text message, a photo or a file on the internet with a single click then why not money? This is because a few traditional giants control these things and don’t let us do micro transactions considering they charge heavy transaction fees. But today we have a solution to unlock these centralized iron chains.

For them last few months Cryptocurrency is the most catchable word in society and if you’re saying this with the tag word of Bitcoin then you can attract anyone who has heard very little about this. And if you’re able to accept the challenge to explain this technology very precisely to your interested audience, you’re a genius.

Bitcoin and blockchain technology or cryptocurrencies is the most unbelievable thing to happen to humanity. There is a golden rule of nature “Always get paid equally to your work whether you work for 10 minutes or 10 hours.” This is the technology that implements this rule. This is the thing which can change the way we earn, we transact and most importantly we trust.

It all started in 2009 when an unethical, stupid guy Satoshi Nakamoto wrote a code of Bitcoin and nobody knows where he went. At that time it was a currency of a very small community and people only used it for buying  things in their small community. Once a guy bought a pizza with 10k Bitcoins and that is worth now a million dollars. People find this very interesting because no third party or centralized body is involved in these transactions. It’s totally a peer to peer technology. Nobody can hack your system; and every transaction is recorded in a distributed ledger. People used Bitcoin as a currency that time. When I was introduced to this technology in early 2013, it was still a currency but in a short period of time, it became an appreciable asset. In June 2017, Bitcoin surpassed gold as an emerging asset and is now the third asset in the world after USD and Gold. Have a look at this table for figures:

I’ve seen the price of this currency rise from $100 to $3000 in just four years. We could’ve mined this currency in our early years and become richer than Richie Rich but we are  too late to talk about this, as the mining hash rate of this currency today can be handled only by super computers.

Bitcoin is a technology which doesn’t ask us for KYC or any legal documents. We can transact anywhere on this planet and nobody can trace us. This is the thing which is giving a hard slap on the faces of traditional governments. On the other hand, people find that a currency which has no third-party dependence can become an asset. So, people like us clap for this rule of equality.

The governments can’t ban this beast and other 1000 unique projects. Some years back Russia tried to ban Bitcoin and the black market of Bitcoin grew like a dragon. The market capitalization of cryptocurrency market just surpassed $150 billion for the first time and it is still growing like bamboo. Now they have to accept the most illegal thing for the first time with forced smiling faces. They should accept Bitcoin. They should clap for the Bitcoin while bearing hard taxation slaps. I used to say a proverb on these wonderful things happening between Bitcoin and the governments.

“Bitcoin will grow and grow and governments have to cut what they already sown whether it belongs to the law or not”


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