Bitcoin climbs more than 1000 USD – Soros and co at work?

Bitcoin climbs more than 1000 USD – Soros and co at work?

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April 12, 2018 by Ramaa Mohan
Bitcoin climbs more than 1000 USD - Soros and co at work?

In what is shaping up to be the first time since December, bitcoin has surged to about $8,000 USD breaking the technical barrier of $7000. This surge is the first and largest of its kind since bitcoin’s December bull run, where the coin touched $20,000 USD before crashing.

Big Name Investments Involved?

It was only revealed a matter of days ago that George Soros, a man deemed as one of the most successful investors in the financial market, commissioned a team of people to act on his behalf and start investing in cryptocurrencies.

This move, on the part of Soros, is a massive retraction of all the comments he has been making in the past about cryptocurrencies and outrightly calling it a ‘bubble’. Up until this point, his comments and policies on the crypto-market have been largely anti-crypto and he has repeatedly warned people not to invest in it and stressed that it showed all the characteristics of a bubble.

However, since Soros has changed his mind and has decided to use the low price of bitcoin to buy into the market.

Unlike the blatant anti-crypto stance that Soros took, the Rockefeller family has been quite pro-crypto and blockchain. They have been making statements that went on to show that they were, indeed, learning and observing the crypto space from afar for quite a while before deciding to plunge into it.

The Rockefeller’s Venture Capitalist Firm, Venrock, in addition to releasing pro-crypto statements to the media, announced that they had struck a partnership with Coinfund and elaborated the firm’s vision for blockchain related activities.

With bitcoin at its lowest ever since the bull in December, it appears hardly to be a coincidence that the sudden surge comes only a couple of days after two of the biggest names in the financial sector announced that they would be dabbing their toes into the crypto market and its day-to-day.

Bitcoin, today alone, has risen nearly 16% from market open to close.

Is it possible that Soros and the Rockefeller family have something to do with this?

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