Bitcoin vs. Gold – Let’s Settle the Debate

Bitcoin vs. Gold – Let’s Settle the Debate

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August 10, 2018 by Hitesh Malviya
A lot of people relate the concept of Bitcoin to Gold, as a store of value. Have you ever wondered, what makes Gold valuable? Why Gold is a store of value? Let’s have a detailed view of factors which give Gold its value. Civilizations have been trading Gold since about 600 B.C. Gold is supposed to
bitcoin vs gold

A lot of people relate the concept of Bitcoin to Gold, as a store of value.

Have you ever wondered, what makes Gold valuable? Why Gold is a store of value? Let’s have a detailed view of factors which give Gold its value.

Civilizations have been trading Gold since about 600 B.C. Gold is supposed to never lose it’s intrinsic value because it is a Precious Metal and with bunch of practical application. But wait! Is it really never gonna lose intrinsic value?

What puts value in Gold? 

In ancient times, our ancestors wanted a medium of exchange, a currency, mainly coin. They were only left with iron, copper, lead, silver, gold, palladium, platinum and aluminium because rest of the elements are gases and reactive elements.

Gold is most non reactive element, also it is easy to extract and melt, compared to other elements listed above. Finally, gold is golden and shining.

Now, any currency, doesn’t have to have an intrinsic value. It derives its value from society. We, as a society decides value of a currency.

Due to it’s physical and chemical properties and being convenient medium of exchange, it was given its value by society. (Which is now in hands of government; the value)

Bitcoin being the better version of Gold:

  • Mining : Distribution of Gold in earth’s crust is not even. Some countries has larger gold reserve while some have no reserve. So all countries can’t participate and mine gold in a competitive manner. Bitcoin mining mechanism is built in such a way that probability of a block generation(mining Bitcoin) is randomly distributed among mining machines. That gives equal opportunity to everyone who is willing to mine, with containing the core value of limited supply, same as gold.


  • Technical Properties : Gold has some physical and chemical properties that makes it a easy and convenient medium of exchange, for a world without technical disruption. Now, we live in more connected, advanced and technological era. A currency having perfect technical properties should work for this era. Bitcoin is an unhackable, super portable across borders, completely governed by society (as Gold was supposed to be), without involvement of any central authority, perfect medium of exchange for this world. Just like gold derives its value by having physical and chemical properties, Bitcoin derives its value by havaing technical properties which makes it better medium of exchange.


  • Gold and Bitcoin as store of value : Gold and Bitcoin started as a medium of exchange but now both of them have become a store of value. While there are better versions of Bitcoin coming up in the market as a better currency, Gold and Bitcoin hold their superiority, being a major mover and shaker in stock and crypto market.

According to an article published on BBC magazine:

“In the 16th Century, the discovery of South America and its vast gold deposits led to an enormous fall in the value of gold – and therefore an enormous increase in the price of everything else.

Since then, the problem has typically been the opposite – the supply of gold has been too rigid. For example, many countries escaped the Great Depression in the 1930s by unhitching their currencies from the Gold Standard. Doing so freed them up to print more money and reflate their economies.”

Countries had problem with hitching their currency to Gold. So countries ended up printing more money to reflate their economy and now you have the case of Venezuela and Zimbabwe. Their economy has collapsed due to excessive printing of money. Points to think about! Also, think how Bitcoin comes in play and removes both problems. (Hint:  inbuilt mining mechanism and limited supply)

There are bunch of other reasons which justify Bitcoin as a suitable currencies for this technologically advanced world ever, but Gold and Bitcoin both have their own industry which is revolutionary and exciting. Gold has been with humans since a long long time. Gold is here to stay; Bitcoin and Gold are gonna co-exist as  complimentary assets. Investment in Bitcoin and Gold is like a question: “Would you like to have Gold or invest in internet companies in 2003?”

Possible Growth of Bitcoin in Respect to Gold Etf History

It’s been a decade of world’s first exchange traded fund backed by physical gold. Today, people are in awe of how the introduction of gold Etf has had a significant impact over the gold market.

First Gold backed Etf was launched on March 28, 2003 which was developed by Etf securities. Since then, interest has increased a lot in Gold with having price $1600 per ounce from $332 per ounce at the time of launch.

According to wiki “The idea of a gold exchange-traded fund was first conceptualised by Benchmark Asset Management Company Private Ltd in India when they filed a proposal with the SEBI in May 2002. However it did not receive regulatory approval at first and was only launched later in March 2007.”

You can see the price growth since inception of Gold Etf. Imagine the same chart for Bitcoin with same growth rate.

Gold Etf opened an entire new market for precious metals backed Etf. Soon, it emerged as a potentially strong market driving prices of all metals.

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What Bitcoin Etf approval could do to Bitcoin?

When Gold Etf was approved, prices of Gold soared to 5x highest from the price at the time of launch. We could expect the same for Bitcoin. Bitcoin’s prices could soar upto 5x from it’s current price, which means Bitcoin could cross it’s $20000 mark gain and might touch $25000-$30000 mark by the end of year.

Bitcoin Etf approval will open doors for other precious cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Ripple as well and it could create an entire new Cryptocurrency backed Etf market.


Current Situation of Bitcoin Etf

Recently SEC declined Bitcoin Etf request of Winklevoss brothers second time. There are 7 Bitcoin Etf approval requests pending in SEC.

Strongest case is with CBOE’s Bitcoin Etf approval request as CBOE being a big exchange and its Bitcoin history. CBOE is the exchnage which started Bitcoin futures trading and it gave a boost to Bitcoin’s price. Decision on CBOE Etf was supposed to come in August, But SEC has extended the date of hearing to 30th September.

If Bitcoin Etf is approved, market is gonna become lush green again and it will open new directions for crypto market to grow.


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