Blockchain Can Perfectly Fight DDoS Attacks

Blockchain Can Perfectly Fight DDoS Attacks

October 4, 2017 by om malviya
DDoS vs Blockchain

Blockchain vs DDoS; who will win?

Blockchain’s technological innovations are increasing and mounting up all the time now. Some excellent use cases for how blockchain technology is forming and reshaping the face of digital information include applications from real estate to data services.

DDoS(Distributed Denial of Service) attacks which makes a website useless for its meant users by using mass requests and cause affected sites to be knocked offline, can be put to an end by a recent development in the Blockchain technology space.

DDoS in Centralized vs. DDoS in Decentralized

Servers which are centralized, try to absorb the huge volume of information which is spam, therefore that can result in DDos and are used by current systems. Although, the bandwidth required to process this much data is almost insurmountable because of the nature of the DDoS attacks.

To reduce the risk of DDoS attacks being a success, users are allowed to rent out their bandwidth through a decentralized platform, which can then be put together for significantly larger amounts of data processing.

“By using Blockchain, Maryland-based Gladius is creating a system that would allow people to rent out their unused bandwidth, so that it can be used to absorb malicious DDoS traffic and mitigate attacks.”  –

In Single server centralized models bandwidth is limited whereas, in the decentralized platform, a system is provided which is far more superior as in this platform, bandwidth put together can be utilized and accessed in far more prevailing ways.

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