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To make ITsblockchain the pioneer in a hybrid alliance and one of  the largest and fastest-growing Blockchain network across multiple sectors, with over 75 Members, enterprise users, and application developers as members, and an average of 300 new members showing interest of joining weekly. The ITsBC brings a new approach – it will increase deployments of Blockchain technology solutions by proving the business case of the technology to those that would adopter it and also with a Blockchain framework backbone. It will stand for connectivity as its own global distributed framework, and will not see blockchain technology through the narrow lens of technical standards or a single vertical industry. ITsBC will support industry efforts to increase deployment, research and innovation value/volumes by offering members services that connect Solutions Providers/other members of the consortium, with Adopters of Blockchain technology and meeting their evolving needs.

Spread the word:

Promote and support powerful use-cases for Blockchain technology in industries like Banking, ID Management, automotive, IoT, energy, healthcare, Public /Government infrastructure, retail, and more – making the benefits of robustness highly visible to Adopters.



Learn more about the demographics and needs of Adopters that deploy blockchain – in functions as diverse as exchanges, IT, and product design – and in doing so, how best to address those needs.


Thought Leadership:

Provide platforms for Blockchain: Core Members to set the group agenda, communicate that agenda to a broad audience, create better outgoing relationships, and authoritatively claim a position of industry leadership.



Communicate synonymous views about important issues, such as privacy, encryption and security in the Blockchain/P2P sector, with governments and other industry groups as those views pertain to regulations and standards.


When it comes time to define the goals and objectives of your Team, we need to have terms that are (SMART) specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-based objectives.



SMART 1:  Core definition.
Key Component Objective
Specific – What are the specific tasks? Bring together layered team of industry leaders and contributors from across the world, and begin to discuss.
Measurable – What are parameters? Measure the requirements of each use case / sector and put in calculated implementation plans
Achievable – Is the task feasible? Yes, implement on the calculations and partner with multiple organizations and each other to achieve the set tasks.
Realistic –How to make sure sufficient resources available? Not at the local or state level (no time or resources to commit to this activity). Involve national/international organizations.
Time-Line – What are the start and end dates? Initially six Months – between the 2016 and 2017
SMART objective Timeline- As we discussed we begin with blogging i.e creating a wave online then start associating with multiple organizations.

For execution and implementation of the framework please refer to our White Paper! We will release the whitepaper in short time.


Global Structure

Global Directors:2

National Directors: 5 in each vertical (country-wise)


  • Developers
  • Cyber Security Experts
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Media
  • Lawyers
  • Decision Maker/Government
  • Banking


Promoters:National directors further appoint teams and their members to carry out

promotions/activities on a local and individual level.

Volunteers: Volunteers are another essential part of the team but join in along with promoters and help carry out ground tasks and on the way gain experience. 



Global Director

Hitesh Malviya and Rishabh Bahl who are the founders of Its Blockchain play an essential role in setting up and planning strategy with other core members and national directors around the world. They will also play a key role in setting up policies and business models for networks. Also laying content related strategy and guidelines for the community

National Director

County director of each vertical areexpected to build a community and  adding talented promoters that can make the revoultion happen quicker. Also, summing up and going through all the articles/knowledge coming from their respective teams and ensuring content quality and improvisation is present.


Promoters are a very essential part of the team with a primary role in spreading awarness about blockchain to masses and extending the team with bringing together more talent on board. In addition to that, they are free to add their knowledge in the form of articles or tutorials to the community.

Student Ambassadors

Students from various instituions that have a passion for Blockchain and are interested in enhancing their skills, the Student Ambassador program is a perfect fit. As a student ambassador, you and your circle get the opportunity to generate excitement, awareness, and buzz about It’sBlockchain through seeking out unique opportunities and connecting the communityITsBC network. We are looking for enthusiastic, motivated, and well-connected college students to execute events/workshops on or around campus that educate/spread-awareness about the ITsBC network and Blockchain Technology. Student ambassadors must be actively enrolled undergraduate students during the 2016/17 academic year and able to commit about 4 hours per week


Volunteers link with and assist all the members in the community with ground tasks. For example setting up events and making them successful, Including but not limited to marketing, content contribution, design, execution, delivery etc.

Plan of action:

Phase: 1 Sharing Knowledge

Share quality content on blog and share it to masses using offline and online channels.

Phase: 2 Discuss Knowledge

Expand the community by setting up an online discussion forum and discuss about blockchain implementation and other areas.

Phase: 3 Building Use cases

Start building and deploying blockchain usecases.

Phase: 4 Community Validation

Conducting events,conferences, local meet ups to spread and increase our knowledge base, improve development and validate use cases.

Phase: 5 Become an authority

Adding commercial value to what we have learn through the community in form of startups, consultancy, training, and expertise.


Timeline for the PoA

Phase 1 & 2 In Progress.

Phase 3 : Begin Week of November 14th

Phase 4 : Begins as soon as the first thing churns out of phase 3

Phase 5 Follows into 2017 and continues as a batch sets out from Phase 4.

Inviting developers, cyber security experts, bankers, decision makers and entrepreneurs to join the blockchain revolution with us. Send your nominations at

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Download IBC Investment Report - Nov'2017

As Bitcoin soars, we achieved an 85% signal accuracy for the month of November. Download this report to learn more. 

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