Blockchain startups in india

Blockchain startups in india

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December 28, 2016 by Hitesh Malviya
Blockchain startups india

Blockchain is the most trending technological term today and is forecasted to disrupt various industries in coming future. The buzz is building up in India as well. Just last week, Mahindra and IBM joined hands to develop Blockchain Solution for Supply Chain Finance. Also, mid of this year, ICICI bank adopted Blockchain in a push for digitizing banking.

Yet, in the startup space, the activity seems to be relatively muted in India when compared globally. One reason can be that the technology is still in its early days and yet to mature.

So, we decided to compile a list of some interesting startups in this space in India. Here they are:

trestor blockchain – Trestor

Trestor is a non-profit non-government organization that aims to equip Indian economy with a Bitcoin-like digital currency. The main aim is to help developing or under-developed economies so that they can progress at the same pace as the developed economies.

Trestor Commute, Swachh Machine and Trestor Grow are the eminent products launched as of now.

Trestor commute is a bicycle with a twist! It gets unlocked with your phone or an NFC sticker/card.

The Swachh Machine is innovatory and promotes participation in Swachh Bharat drive. If you feed it with recyclable waste, it feeds you back with clean drinking water.

Founding team

Kunal Dixit



13331171_135317373544665_4840537654804246219_n – XS

XS is the platform designed so ease the process of identification across the internet with the use of Blockchain technology. Not just identification, the firm stretches out to conferencing online, transacting online and easy login into application passwords with no trouble of remembering passwords.

The purpose is simple enough to solve the ID theft problem using blockchain technology. The firm records identities using mobile biometric techniques and secures it on public blockchain infrastructure. ‘XS’ works as an identity as and when required.

Founding team

Hitesh Malviya and Rish Bahl


Massachusetts,USA and Mumbai,India

Zebpay –

Zebpay is India’s first and the simplest Bitcoin wallet app. It enables bitcoin transactions through mobile number with no complexities to understand bitcoin addresses. Users can buy, sell, store and spend bitcoin using mobile number and a 4-digit pin.

The startup has an interface that helps its users to buy and sell Bitcoin in three convenient steps-

  1. Verify your identity proof by scanning it through the app.
  2. Transfer money to their bank account to buy Bitcoin. The amount shall be added to your Zebpay Rs account in app.
  3. Tap buy/sell Bitcoin tab and place the order.

Founding team

Mahin Gupta, Sandeep Goneka and Saurabh agrawal


Singapore and Ahmadabad,India


hashcove blockchain
Hashcove –

HashCove is a Blockchain Products Company that helps evaluate, validate, design and create end to end solutions in Blockchain. HashCove is the Blockchain arm of uTrade Solutions.

They have three main products:

uClear is a Blockchain based clearing solution for real time clearing and settlement.

KYChain is a KYC platform with mobile and web driven interface for clients to upload their documents and share them securely with any institutions.

HashDegree allows issuance of any certificates or documents like the university degrees on blockchain as well as in print format.

Founding team

Kunal nandwani and Ashish Grover



signzy blockchain
Signzy –

Signzy has a clear vision of unwinding the complication involved in a digital process by putting Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain into it. Signzy offers a wide range of APIs. For instance- RealKYC that provides real-time extraction of data and govt. data check, providing forgery-free documentation facility at the same time.

The basic proposition of this startup is to provide an improved experience to users with multi-device support. The faster on-boarding real-time Signzy APIs provide enhanced security and compliance.

Founding team

Ankit Ratan, Arpit Ratan & Ankur Pandey





Special Mention:

Recordskeeper – Gurgaon

Primechain – Pune

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