How BnkToTheFuture aims to ‘make equity great again’ with the BF Token

How BnkToTheFuture aims to ‘make equity great again’ with the BF Token

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February 5, 2018 by Hitesh Malviya
Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are on the rise. But high-risks and undefined (or non-existent) regulations have left supporters wary about backing tokens that may or may not yield returns.

But BnKToTheFuture, the largest online platform for investing in the equity and tokens of top companies in the FinTech, Bitcoin and Blockchain spaces that have invested in BitFinex, BitStamp, Kraken, ShapeShift, BitPay and over 100 others, is about to change all that. Their goal? To make equity great again after the ICO boom by launching a marketplace for securities tokens in line with securities law. The platform has already facilitated almost $300 million USD in private equity and token investments across more than 100 companies since it first launched in 2015.

And now, they aim to add liquidity to equity by launching equity-backed tokens powered by a due diligence and investor relations platform that rewards contributors with their BF Token (BFT).

The blockchain opportunity

FinTech, Bitcoin and Blockchain companies seek opportunities to be listed on a platform where reputable investors can find them. But due to time constraints and a large number of applications received, BnKToTheFuture cannot process a majority of the applications while maintaining its strict vetting process.

The existing infrastructure and growing platform have also meant companies are often slow in providing timely company updates for investors. And on top of it all, the industry requires that any blockchain solution complies with securities laws—a point that has proven a challenge in a still largely unregulated blockchain world.

This is where the BF Token (BFT) comes in.

The BFT difference, function and solution

BFT’s goal is to “Make Equity Great Again,” and it’s well on its way to accomplishing that.

The platform aims to maintain full compliance with securities laws and regulations and enables token holders to stake their claim in the future of FinTech, Bitcoin and Blockchain. BFT incentivizes the community to pull together to create a more transparent landscape of high-quality investment opportunities. Here’s how it works:

Membership token

As a membership token, BFT gives token holders early access to top opportunities, as well as special access to some portions of BnkToTheFuture platform formerly reserved for qualifying investors.

Rewards token

BFT rewards members for taking part in a, community-driven due diligence approach to finding and researching reputable opportunities to list online. Community members and companies will also be rewarded with tokens for providing timely company updates for investors to create a more transparent system for all.

Payment token

The payment function will enable members to pay trading fees with BFT for its future planned security token and the secondary market.

Public sale details

The demand for BFT has been extremely high since the presale for qualified investors, where US$30,000,000 supply was sold out within 15 hours. Now, with the public sale around the corner, the whitelisting process is about to open to all. Interested participants of the public sale must add their ETH address to the whitelist and open a account between February 6th-13th 2018 to be eligible to buy BFT. Any purchase attempts from non-whitelisted ETH addresses will fail.

A track record that breathes success

The public token sale begins at 10 p.m. UTC on February 16th. During its presale, the company raised $30 million USD in just 15 hours. With 30 million BF Tokens remaining for the public, registered purchasers will have the opportunity to purchase between 10,000 and 100,000 BFT on a first come, first served basis once the public sale kicks off.

In a world of ICOs promising to disrupt the future, one thing is clear: BFT has the track record, team and all-star advisors to do it.

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