[Infographic] A list of everything you can buy using Bitcoin today

[Infographic] A list of everything you can buy using Bitcoin today

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May 6, 2018 by Ramaa Mohan
Everything you can buy with Bitcoin

From the early days of the crypto market, everyone who was an active participant in its day to day knew of its revolutionary potential and couldn’t wait to use it on a regular basis. In the initial excitement that surrounded bitcoin, a lot of retailers and service providers started to accept bitcoin as a payment. While a lot of companies withdrew this feature, others stuck on and still continue to accept bitcoin as a form of payments.

So here is what your bitcoins can buy you;


One of the first and probably most controversial purchases made using bitcoins was that of pizza. In 2010, a programmer in Florida talked someone into accepting 10,000 bitcoin in exchange for two pizzas. Of course back then the value of a single bitcoin was just about $0.08.

However, since then a lot of other food-outlets and global fast food chains have started accepting bitcoins in exchange for food. Here’s where you can buy delicious food in exchange of your virtual money.

1) KFC, Canada
2) Subway
3) Coupa Cafe, Palo Alto
4) Foodler, North America
5) Burger Bear, London
6) Pizzaforcoins.com, America


Booze is the elixir of life. And wouldn’t you love to pay for it with bitcoins? Here’s where you can.

1) Old Fritzroy, Sydney
2) Pembury Tavern, London

Internet Services

A lot of social media networking sites and online service providers have taken to bitcoin. You can continue to use them without bitcoins, but you can also choose to spend your bitcoin to buy in-application features. The following companies and websites, now accept bitcoins.

1) Reddit
2) Wikipedia
3) Zynga
4) Bloomberg
5) Lumfile


If you can’t use any of the above options because the country you live in isn’t listed, you can always travel to these places and pay for it using your bitcoins. You can book tickets to wherever you want using the following providers.

1) Far Eastern Air Transport
2) AirBaltic
3) Cheapair.com
4) Expedia


This section is specifically for those who own hundreds of bitcoins and can afford to splurge.

1) Virgin Galactic; for those who can afford potential space travel.
2) Amagi Metals; precious metal finishers.
3) Apmex; major gold dealer.
4) Tesla Motors, California  
5) Automobili Lamborghini, California  
6) Tomcar, Melbourne

For more, check out this awesome infographic from the people at 16Best on every company that accepts Bitcoin payments –

Everything you can buy with Bitcoin

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