Capitalise Crypto is like a powerful IFTTT for crypto trading

Capitalise Crypto is like a powerful IFTTT for crypto trading

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April 16, 2018 by Hitesh Malviya
Capitalise Crypto is like a powerful IFTTT for crypto trading

A while back, we had written an article about trading bots and whether you should depend on them for your crypto trading. The article concluded with the fact that only some very basic and simple executions can be done with current trading bots, and that most of the decision making and execution is best left to you.

However, this is about to change.

Capitalise Crypto has an interesting take on this problem and is almost like IFTTT for crypto trading. With Capitalise Crypto, you can basically program your own trading algorithms in plain English and the system will compile it to a working algorithm that can be instantly deployed in an exchange.

In other words, you can come up with your own trading strategy or working bot, code it in minutes by typing how it’s gonna work in plain English and seconds later you have an automatic trading strategy ready to go.

This is quite disruptive, as nowadays in order to implement a working algorithm you need to be tech-savvy to be able to operate a trading bot, or even be a coder yourself so you can hard code your algorithms. With a program like Capitalise Crypto you just need to know what you want it to do and type it in English – that’s it. This can potentially open up crypto trading to a whole new set of investors who do not have access to do this presently.

Here’s how it works –

Things that stood out

Capitalise Crypto has a working product in a public beta and currently, it provides the primary value proposition of being able to implement working algorithms in plain English. In our preliminary research, here are some things that stood out for us:

More objective trading

Apart from the fact that it can dramatically reduce the barrier to entry for crypto trading, what it also does is puts things in perspective. Many crypto traders panic sell or don’t sell because of greed or fear. Writing down a strategy can often put things in perspective from when you started the trade, thereby allowing the trader to be objective about their decisions.

An automated you

Another thing that stood out for us is that Capitalise, in a way, is replicating your thought process into a CPU, which is essentially ensuring that there’s a machine trading 24/7, just the way you would.

The democratisation of trading algorithms

One more thing that Capitalise Crypto can democratise, is the process of algorithm creation. Natural language is something that everyone understands and successful trading algorithms can be shared more easily, as it’s not in code or math, which a minority of the crypto trading community gets today.

Incentivising algorithm creators

Capitalise Crypto is looking to incentivise the algorithm creation process in the near future. So, if you designed a good algorithm that is performing well, you would be able to allow other people to use my algorithm and take some profit in doing that.

The team

The founding team is quite an interesting blend of day trading experience and technology chops. This can be seen in the leadership team especially.

CEO Shahar Rabin has vast experience as a day trader and has also worked as a product manager at various technology companies. He has traded in traditional markets for over 15 years and as an engineer, he has developed automated trading systems for the derivatives markets.

CTO, Amir Shiovich has over 12 years of design and development experience under his belt. Before co-founding Capitalise, Amir spent four years working at SuperDerivatives (acquired by ICE), where he led the R&D team in building the infrastructure for the company’s newest generation of products.

The competence and relevance of the leadership team are supplemented by a team of 7 people, and a stellar advisory board, that includes the likes of Ken Shishido, the prolific Japanese Bitcoin evangelist, Sebastian Stupura and Stas Oskin, the founders of and many more.

The company has also partners in the Microsoft Accelerator, QCP capital, Merkel Tree Ventures and many more.

Our take

Any technology that democratises skills of value is disruptive. Capitalise Crypto is one such platform that is democratising trading algorithms through their natural language interface and by building a community/economy around it using their upcoming token. The team is solid and relevant, and they also have the support of useful advisors.

The challenge now remains entirely in product development and community building. Furthermore, there will be vested interests in the space that may not be too happy about the easy accessibility of such a valuable tool, which might cause some turbulence along the way. However, if the product does what it says at scale, it is a question of “when” and not “if” before a large majority of the world’s crypto traders leverage Capitalise.

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