Cindicator bot – Machine Learning for Asset Management

Cindicator bot – Machine Learning for Asset Management

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March 7, 2018 by Janhavi Arora
Cindicator Bot

Cindicator fuses together machine learning and market analysis for asset management and financial analytics. The Cindicator team dubs this human/machine predictive model Hybrid Intelligence, as it combines artificial intelligence with the opinions of human analysts “for the efficient management of investors’ capital in traditional financial and cryptomarkets.”

Cindicator is creating an open ecosystem where the collective Intelligence of financial analysts, data scientists, and traders with Artificial Intelligence is combined. This kind of ecosystem is used to develop a new kind of technological infrastructure that provides traders, financial analysts, and investment funds with a more efficient approach and valuable predictive analytics for asset management.

It was founded in 2015 and uses the wisdom of crowds to improve decision making related to both cryptocurrency and more traditional investing. Users answer questions posed by the team on their platform and mobile app and also make their own predictions regarding the financial and cryptocurrency markets. Users whose predictions accurately reflect the outcomes of those questions are compensated with CND, the platform’s native token.

Hybrid Intelligence 

Hybrid intelligence is the combination of human intelligence and machine intelligence and their interaction in resolving various tasks.One sort of intelligence supplements and strengthen the other. Hybrid intelligence and other related systems under development are appropriate for resolving the challenges during the decision making process.

The benefits of hybrid intelligence for an ecosystem and community are :

-indices and ratings of crypto assets
-tools and data for making investment decisions under the conditions of market uncertainty
-up- to- date analytics of the industry, expectations, opportunities and market growth points.

Cindicator is targeting both the traditional financial market and crypto market. Since the two markets are quite different in terms of infrastructure (data sources, news flow, etc), Cindicator may have trouble focusing on the two markets at the same time.There are a number of competitors in the artificial intelligence and finance space – Numerai, Enigma and other crypto data providers such as Coindash. All of those projects have a market cap in the $25 to $50 million range. It may be difficult for Cindicator to trade at a market cap significantly higher than that of competitors.


While Potcoin and Hempcoin are designed to enhance trading of legal cannabis, Cindicator seeks to make trading of cryptocurrencies and assets easy. This crypto harnesses artificial intelligence-based algorithms and combines them with crowd wisdom to offer smart predictions. Cindicator intends to give accurate asset prediction by combining machine-learning models and diverse financial analysts into a single system.

This is because assets are not solely based on technical signals. The term hybrid intelligence comes from the combination of these two types of intelligence.

Better technological and analytical infrastructure comes with this crypto. Users enjoy safer and effective capital management. In addition, analysts and traders can monetize their intellectual assets without necessarily risking their funds. It also offers actual analytics of the industry and presents opportunities and growth points.


Cindicator has a team of 11, all of whom have relevant experience in their respective field.
Below are the names of the core team members:

-Mike Brusov (CEO)
-Yuri Lobyntsev (CTO)
-Artem Baranov (COO)

Cindicator has a strong lineup of advisors, including Charlie Shrem, founding members of Bitcoin Foundation and Director of Business and Community Development of Jaxx, Anthony Diiorio, CEO & Founder of Jaxx, Marcus Killick, Chairman of Gibraltar Stock Exchange, and Alexander Ivanov, founder of Waves Platform.


Currently, the coin is exchanging at $0.05958 while its market capitalization is passing the $86.1 million point. Of the total 2 billion CNDs supplied, around 1.45 million are in circulation.


Their token (kindly note it’s not a coin) is an element of the infrastructure – it’s purpose is to provide access to the products and data, indicators, indexes, predictive analytics for traditional and crypto markets. The more tokens you have – the higher level of access you gain. For example, the lowest level might only give you access to our indicators, while the highest level will provide you with full access to our Hybrid Intelligence infrastructure (kindly note that we this is not a final proposal). The fact that our tokens are infrastructure elements ensures that they will have an intrinsic value.

2017 was a great year for cryptocurrencies. CND was jumping up and hitting the moon in the previous year as well when this coin had a total market cap of 15 million dollars.

Now, it seems that although 2018, especially the third week of January isn’t going too well for the majority of crypto coins, it appears that CND is not affected by any of the recent crisis on the crypto market.

It’s quite the opposite, as this new coin has managed to reach the fantastic number of $600 million by the end of 2017, while it continues to progress even in January 2018 while the majority of other coins are still in shock after the selloff that occurred at the end of the last week.

Even though CND still holds the value of under 1 dollar per single unit, it is predicted to have it jump to that point latest by the end of February 2018 in case the coin would continue to increase.


Cindicator’s ultimate goal is to set up a decentralised intellectual technology that effectively implements the potential of hybrid intelligence for the benefit of all participants of the ecosystem. It is believed that in future this technology will be fully automated which means that the only resource necessary for it to function will be the mental investment by the analysts. Cindicators’ token sale is an excellent opportunity to join the development of a symboitic relationship between the minds of people and machine.Overall, the project is solid with the team, advisers, investors, press coverage, fund raising limit and the awareness in the crypto community all being above average.

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