CoinMarketCap Partners with Kind Ads

CoinMarketCap Partners with Kind Ads

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August 8, 2018 by Hitesh Malviya
CoinMarketCap Partners with Kind Ads
CoinMarketCap is in the news for the third time this week, with the announcement of a new partnership between them and Kind Ads; an advertising platform that works with serving users, user-friendly ads.

Advertising revenue is a very large part of many online companies, publications and websites. But the thing is advertisements are very huge contributors to bad user-interface and user-experience. And only recently there was a lot of talk in the community about whether advertising on CoinMarketCap was actually relevant and necessary.

CoinMarketCap’s Advertising Strategy

CoinMarketCap is probably the most used and accurate site in the cryptocurrency industry that keeps track of capitalization of all cryptocurrencies, exchanges and platforms. It is the one-stop source of information about trends and prices. Apart from keeping track of trend lines and exchange capitalizations, CoinMarketCap also manages to keep track of ICOs, new projects and their respective progress.

While CoinMarketCap is already advertisement-supported, it is now looking into cashing in further on its advertising options. With that in mind, as the company was looking out for advertising platforms and option, they came across Kind Ads, according to a statement that they released on the CoinMarketCap blog recently.

The thing with most advertisements is that they are irrelevant to more than half the people who are forced to view them in exchange for a website’s information and thereby affects the websites user-experience and by direct consequence the on-site traffic. To beat this particular problem, CoinMarketCap has a whole bunch of strategies at play that make sure that relevant advertising is implemented and executed seamlessly.

To this effect and because of the large amount of time and money that the site spent on making sure that this is the case, CoinMarketCap has announced that from now on the friendly-ads platform Kind Ads will look after its advertising needs and interests.

Kind Ads

Kind Ads, as the name suggests, is an advertising platform that presents and runs advertisements that are relevant and user-friendly. The company connects the consumer, advertiser, and publisher and makes sure that all three are satisfied by serving relevant ads to the consumer, running user-friendly ads for the advertiser and making sure that the maximum profit of the advertisements is held onto by the publisher.

The company focuses more on relevance and tends to use the more effective methods such as push notifications and emails instead of harassing users on the website itself. And uses the blockchain to do it. The company was founded by Saulo Mederios and Rafael Mayrink. The company has a large number of big players on its advisory board and evangelists team including names like; Saber Aria, Jay Westerdal and more noticeably Neil Patel.

Neil Patel is the famous angel investors who have successfully founded and runs four huge companies across industries and now consults for companies like Amazon, Viacom, etc to make sure larger revenue influx. The man, apart from these high profile jobs, is also a best-selling author, who is also a very large influencer of the stock market. He also works in and on the online marketing field and is known to be one of the largest players in online marketing and having his support for Kind Ads is kind of invaluable to the company.

CoinMarketCap and Kind Ads

With the alignment of interests of both of these well backed and necessary companies, CoinMarketCap has announced this partnership on the CoinMarketCap blog early last week. The plan that CoinMarketCap has in place is that to handover it’s relevant advertising strategies side to Kind Ads because they are a company dedicated to doing just that; serving relevant ads that do not affect user experience.

In addition to announcing this partnership, CoinMarketCap also announced that they will start accepting Kind Tokens in exchange for advertising services. Previously, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and any fiat currencies were the only modes of payment.

This partnership between these two companies is advantageous to both because with this deal CoinMarketCap no longer needs to have a specific team that will deal with relevant advertising and deals with that data, Kind Ads will now take over that for them; saving them a lot of time, money and resources.

For Kind Ads, as a company that is just starting out, a partnership with CoinMarketCap lends the company a lot of legitimacy and gives it an ‘all about business’ seriousness. And the fact that Kind Tokens will now be accepted as a mode of payment for advertising services on CoinMarketCap is about to do wonders for its value.

(Read the full announcement here;

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