Why should you invest in a young coin like COSS?

Why should you invest in a young coin like COSS?

October 16, 2017 by apurva sheel

Crypto-One-Stop-Solution, or COSS is a fairly young crypto exchange and payment gateway where token holders are entitled to receive 50% of fee split allocation. After tracing the growth rate and value of COSS, it would not be wrong to say that this cryptocurrency can potentially witness a price increase of huge multiples.

COSS is the foremost and the sole platform offering a fee split allocation to its holders and that is a prime reason for its growth and popularity. Of all fee this coin generates on the exchange, token holders of COSS get paid a 50% fee allocation every week. The fee paid to the exchange is sourced from both buyers and sellers who pay a commission of 0.2% on trades. That is to say that the token holders are re-allocated almost 0.2% of the daily trade volume. (This comes from 50% 0f 0.4% commission—0.2% from sellers and buyers each.)

Current Trading Value

The COSS token was launched in September 2017 and is still very young in the market. However, that is not a factor in determining the elevating value of this coin. In the recent week, the COSS coin has had a trading volume amounting to almost $4mm.

Estimations of growth (Without the assumption of further growth this year)

If it was to be assumed that COSS would show no more growth this year, it’s trading volume would amount to $208mm per year of which token holders will receive $416k i.e. $0.004 per year. According to the current market value of COSS ($0.20/token), this amounts to a 2% annual fee split allocation. And this is the estimate with the assumption that the coin is not to show any further growth this year.

With the assumption of further growth this year

If the coin was to make a trading exchange fairly similar to other new but growing coins like Binance (which was launched in August and has an approx. volume of $100mm per day at present), the trading volume for COSS would amount to approximately $36.5b per year out of which $73m would be distributed among its 93m tokens amounting to $0.78 per year per token.

With the current market value of COSS ($0.20) this would yield almost 400% fee split allocation per year. Pretty great, right?

On top of that, if the investors were to drive up the price of COSS to achieve a yield a 10% fee split allocation per annum, the COSS value would rise to $7.80 amounting to 39x return as compared to its current trade volume.

This leads us to the question of whether the the exchange can succeed in bringing in required trading volume to make the COSS token a valuable asset.

Reasons why COSS resonates with traders

One of the factors that work in the favour of COSS is its reluctance to abandon the listing of new tokens. Because of rising regulatory concerns, major exchange platforms ceased listing new tokens which were being listed on minor exchange platforms.

Another factor is the incredibly accurate and supportive customer support shown by the COSS team which, let’s admit, is not that great at other major exchanges.

However, these factors do not stop investors from asking the capability of COSS to compete with the upcoming decentralised exchange protocols. At present, it is not quite possible to address this question as the reaction of the average user to decentralised exchanges is still oblivious especially considering the fail of the first batch of decentralised exchanges that could not tumble the ruling centralised exchange champions and were charging a per trade commission almost twice the cost of COSS.

But if decentralised exchanges are to be the future, no case can be made against as to why COSS cannot accommodate their exchange structure to become a decentralised exchange.

Inspite of all of that, the one advantage that works primarily in favour of COSS is the 50% fee split allocation it so generously offers to its token holders. The incentive that users stand to gain because of this amount will lead to more volume brining more users leading to more fees thereby resulting in the increased demand of the token.

The Bottom Line

One still needs to remember that it is just the beginning of the cryptocurrencies market and the trading volume is definitely set to increase for all cryptocurrencies in the months and years that lie ahead. The time when the current average per-day trading volume of $4.5 billion multiplies, all users especially the token holders stand to gain huge amounts.

The concluding point is that COSS appears to be the finest investment option of October 2017 for two reasons.

First, of course, is the opportunity it provides with 50% fee split allocation.

Second is the tie of the token value to the daily trading volume which means the value can be checked daily and in case the user was to be unsatisfied with the growth, (s)he can choose to sell her/his tokens.

Compared to a trade market where the user is kept waiting till the end of the quarter for an earnings report or to the majority of cryptocurrencies whose values are tied to other products, COSS token is a smart investment.

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