Satoshi Nakamoto imposter Craig Wright sued for $10 Billion

Satoshi Nakamoto imposter Craig Wright sued for $10 Billion

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February 28, 2018 by Ramaa Mohan
Satoshi Nakamoto imposter Craig Wright sued for $10 Billion

The family of Late Dave Klieman, Australian entrepreneur Craig Wright’s former business partner, has filed a lawsuit against Wright for having illegally gained control over a large number of bitcoins.

The two had set up a company under the name of W&K Info Defense Research LLC in 2011 for the sole purpose of Bitcoin mining. The partners had been known to be associated with Bitcoin from the very early stages.

The lawsuit states that all the Bitcoins mined by W&K were transferred to a series of connected trusts in Seychelles, Singapore, and the UK. And apparently, there were a lot of them, about $10 billion worth at today’s Bitcoin price. 

After Dave’s death in 2013, Wright wound up all operations of W&K and illegally gained access to all the bitcoin, alleges the suit. The suit is filed under Ira Klieman’s name, who is the brother of Dave Klieman as well the representative of Dave’s estate.

The lawsuit also claims that Wright, after the death of his partner, came up with a scheme to illegally gain control of the bitcoins that were rightfully Dave’s by backdating documents and creating a false paper trail that, without closer inspection, would seem legitimate.

The suit also highlights a bunch of emails between Ira Klieman and Craig Wright, in which it allegedly states that Wright is illegally holding 300,000 bitcoins that rightfully belonged to Dave and posthumously to the family.

The Motherboard reports that Dave Kleiman’s estate is suing Wright for up to 1,100,111 bitcoins worth over $10 billion USD and intellectual property related to Bitcoin software, according to a lawsuit filed in a Florida court February 14. The suit, filed on behalf of Ira Kleiman, Dave’s brother and the representative of his estate, alleges that Wright and Kleiman mined bitcoins together in the currency’s early days, and that since Kleiman’s death Wright has “perpetrated a scheme” to “seize Dave’s bitcoins.”

In 2015, Craig Wright was rumored to be the face behind the mysterious bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto and in 2016 he made a statement accepting that he was. However, the theory fell apart just as quickly as it was built up when the cryptographic proof he provided didn’t hold much water under massive scrutiny at the time.

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