Crypto news tl;dr – 04/04/2018 Ethereum ASICs, Coincheck bailout & more

Crypto news tl;dr – 04/04/2018 Ethereum ASICs, Coincheck bailout & more

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April 4, 2018 by Ramaa Mohan
Crypto World TL;DR

In the crypto world, every day’s news is a few months worth and you can have a tough time trying to stay on top of all the news. To help you out with this, we’re starting a new daily series, where you can filter the fluff and get to the news that matters –

Major Japanese Brokerage to Save Coincheck?

Monex, an online Japanese brokerage firm, is reportedly considering buying out Coincheck, a crypto-exchange based out of Tokyo. Monex has offered to buy controlling stake of Coincheck ten weeks after the exchange was hacked and robbed of a considerable amount of NEM (around $530 million worth). 

Bitman Taking Pre-orders for Ethereum’s ASIC Miner Set

The first mining set that is said to be compatible with Ethereum’s Ethash Proof-of-Work consensus algorithm is set to hit the market soon. The new technology is going to ring in a new and possibly disruptive era for the second-largest coin, Ethereum. The Antminer E3 can now be pre-ordered from Chinese mining hardware manufacturing company Bitman.

Australian AML Ruling Starts Today

Australian cryptocurrency exchanges operating out of the country have new rules they need to adhere to. These rules have been set by Austrac to counter money laundering and terrorism financing.

Bancor Launches Native Wallet

Bancor has announced, in an exclusive with cointelegraph, that they are launching their very own native wallet which comes built-in with features like automated token conversions and more.

IBM Touts $3.1 Trillion Blockchain Future

At Think 2018, IBM’s yearly conference that is conducted in Las Vegas, the multi-national pushes for businesses to adopt blockchain technologies and spoke about how the technology is changing supply chains, financial services, etc.

Crypto Hedge Funds start closing down

Since the massive Bitcoin bull run in December last year, bitcoin and other altcoins have seen a drastic decrease in market value. This has led to a lot of hedge funds shutting down citing market risks, declaring bankruptcy, among other reasons.

Vitalik Buterin Called Craig Wright a Fraud at Deconomy

At the Deconomy conference held in South Korea, during a session about the Lightning network, Ethereum’s founder Vitalik Buterin, from the audience, asked the organizers why a fraud like Craig Wright was allowed to speak at the event.

His tweet rant from the event here –

Japanese Messaging App Line, Works on Blockchain

Japan’s largest messaging app, Line, has created a subsidiary called Unblock to test and familiarise itself with blockchain technology.

India’s First Blockchain Network is Now Live

Three bill-discounting exchange platforms came together to implement a solution to deter fraud and they chose to go the blockchain way. The network is now live.

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