DATA.ECO: Revolutionizing digital advertising

DATA.ECO: Revolutionizing digital advertising

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June 26, 2018 by IBC Staff

The online advertising industry faces major challenges today which include untraceable advertisement frauds, complex middle layers, monetization and bad end user experience. Players in the advertising ecosystem do not trust each other because of the loopholes that bad players can use currently to take advantage of the system. It is estimated that about $16 billion USD is lost every year by advertisers because of frauds and bot traffic. In addition to that, in the current system users have no way of getting rewarded for their attention contribution which leads them to use ad blockers on their devices.

The DATA project is a decentralized AI-powered data authentication protocol which enables the community to have a closer relationship with the advertiser as well as get rewarded with their attention contribution. DATA wants to implement the use of Artificial Intelligence technologies to proactively prevent fraudulent activities in the advertising ecosystem. DATA will implement a 4 layer structure which includes a P2P decentralized mobile storage layer, an SDK management layer, a blockchain layer and an application process layer. Some of the blockchain projects which focus on solving the digital advertising problems are Basic Attention Token (BAT), AdEx, AdChain and Papyrus. Most of them are aiming to solve very specific problems without providing a comprehensive solution which DATA is providing.

Basic Attention Token (BAT), managed by the Brave browser team attempts to improve the efficiency of digital advertising through the use of an ERC 20 token on its own platform which can be exchanged between advertisers, publishers and users.

  • Performance: BAT token being based on the ethereum blockchain makes it perform very poorly especially when the ethereum blockchain gets overloaded. DATA on the other hand has its own standalone blockchain which uses Tendermint consensus engine and therefore is more efficient.
  • Centralization: The tokens are only usable within the Brave ecosystem which makes the entire process very centralized. DATA can be used anywhere on the internet and does not have any restrictions which BAT has.
  • Practicality: BAT not having its own digital ad exchange system, misses the critical infrastructure which makes it impractical for most advertisers as they need to buy BAT tokens from exchanges. In the DATA ecosystem advertisers do not need to purchase tokens, instead the tokens are distributed by the system in a mining like process.
  • Fraud Prevention: BAT is also vulnerable to fraud traffic as it does have a proactive fraud prevention strategy unlike DATA which uses AI technology to detect bot traffic preemptively.

AdChain, is an Ethereum based protocol with a smart contract maintaining a registry of all domains which has been shown to be non-fraudulent by its token holders. Essentially AdChain creates and updates a whitelist of non-fraudulent advertisers based on the voting mechanism of its users.

  • Performance: Being based on ethereum and not having its own native blockchain like DATA, AdChain also faces the same performance and efficiency issues that BAT faces.
  • Practicality: Considering that millions of new sites are added every month, it is almost impossible to create a comprehensive list of all advertisers. DATA does not attempt to create a registry of fraudulent sites which is impractical but instead it uses artificial intelligence technologies to proactively prevent fraudulent activities in the entire ecosystem.
  • Voting Mechanism: Voting is done by individual users whose accounts are vulnerable to hacks, as a result fraudulent sites can easily be added to the Adchain registry by a malicious hacker who manages to get control of these accounts.

AdEx and Papyrus are decentralized ad exchange platforms designed to offer ad exchange solutions with low costs of transactions and without any middleman.

  • User incentivization: The lack of user incentive in both AdEx and Papyrus makes them less effective as they do not solve the current problems faced by the advertising industry. In DATA ecosystem, both users and publishers are rewarded for their attention and data contribution based on their reputation.
  • Fraud prevention: Both AdEx and Papyrus unlike DATA do not address the issue of fraud and malicious traffic at all which make them vulnerable to such traffic.
  • User Base: Both AdEx and Papyrus have their own portals which means advertisers and publishers need to register themselves on their platform. As a result, development in both of these projects depend highly on user adoption. Smaller user bases mean that there are not many options available for both publishers and advertisers. Both can however be integrated within the DATA ecosystem.


The DATA team consists of serial entrepreneurs, internet business leaders, data scientists, software engineers and product managers with experience in top tier companies like Microsoft, Linkedin, Snapchat, Twitter and Oracle. They also have some of the most well-known personalities in the blockchain industry as their advisors – Bo Shen (Fenbushi), Shuoji Zhou (FBG), Michael Arrington (TechCrunch), Paul Veradittakit (Pantera).

DATA is currently trading on Huobi, Kucoin and Bibox at $0.0079 USD.




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