[ICO Watch] Why Decentralized Dating Is Going to Be the Next Big Thing

[ICO Watch] Why Decentralized Dating Is Going to Be the Next Big Thing

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February 13, 2018 by Hitesh Malviya
Decentralised Dating

The dating landscape has changed dramatically over the last decade, and decentralised dating is going to be the next big thing. 

Online dating is more popular than ever before. What was once an activity to be embarrassed about out of fear of seeming ‘desperate’ or ‘lonely’ is now openly encouraged and talked about amongst friends?

Apps like Tinder have completely changed the way we meet people, essentially gamifying dating with their original ‘swipe’ feature and making it more convenient than ever to meet singles who are close by.

We’re living in an age where telling someone you’d ‘swipe right’ has become a compliment. This Valentine’s Day, thousands of people around the world will be sending Tinder-themed cards to their partner.

But Online Dating Needs a Drastic Overhaul…

Of despite all of the Tinder success stories, online dating is far from perfect. In fact, it’s fraught with problems that range from mildly inconvenient to downright dangerous.

The major problem with online dating – and one of the main things that turns people off the idea completely – is that we really have no way of verifying that who we’re talking to really is who they say they are.

When the person on the other side of the screen doesn’t know us – and we don’t know them – it can be all too tempting to try and make them like us more by telling small lies. For example, we might exaggerate our height slightly, or knock a few pounds off our weight.

Some people take it much further by building up an entire fake identity. There have been so many horror stories of such occurrences that it’s no surprise that so many people have become sceptical of the idea.

It’s very rare that someone we meet online will be exactly who they say they are. After all, they’re trying to impress you. They want to make themselves look as good as possible, right?

And that’s not the only problem with online dating. Consider just how much personal information you’re freely handing out when you sign up for a new platform.

The more information you share about yourself, the more chance you have of finding a successful, compatible match. The problem is, all of this information is stored on a centralized server.

Unfortunately, information theft is rife, and dating sites are becoming an increasingly tempting target for hackers. There have been many instances of users having their accounts hacked and then being blackmailed into shelling out large sums of money to prevent their information from being leaked.

The Solution: Decentralize Online Dating

As the popularity of online dating continues to climb, it’s becoming increasingly clear that we need an alternative to our current options.

For example, Hicky is one of the platforms that’s currently working on changing how we date online. It decentralizes the process of online dating and encourages trust as the foundation for relationships.

Because a decentralized platform is currently the best method for encrypting information, users can feel confident that they will safely be able to hand over their personal information without worrying about the repercussions that they would usually face by the platform getting hacked, for example.

It is also equally important that users feel as if the information they are receiving from other users is accurate. To ensure this, the platform also includes FaceScan technology, voice verification, and a system of decentralized governance.

This will be used to confirm that users really are who they say they are, with the aim of making online dating a safer, more relaxing experience by removing users’ anxieties that they could be being lied to.

Backed By Experts

The platform is backed by a strong team of experts, including Hermione Way (the ex-head of communications for Tinder), Yasin Qureshi (the Naga Group founder and executive director), and Timothy Galebach (the co-founder and CTO of BlockMason.io).

The team behind the platform could turn out to be its greatest strength. Since launch, the value of the Naga Group token has increased by a total of 150%, while the BlockMason token has increased by a huge 300%.

It’s still early in the game, but with users becoming increasingly security-aware, combined the rate that blockchain technology is advancing and growing in popularity, it’s not unreasonable to assume that decentralized dating websites could even overtake mainstream websites like Tinder in as little as a few years.

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