Develop PBFT Consensus based application on tendermint

Develop PBFT Consensus based application on tendermint

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February 20, 2017 by Hitesh Malviya
tendermint blockchain application

Tendermint is software for securely and consistently replicating an application on many machines. By securely, we mean that Tendermint works even if up to 1/3 of machines fail in arbitrary ways. By consistently, we mean that every non-faulty machine sees the same transaction log and computes the same state. Secure and consistent replication is a fundamental problem in distributed systems; it plays a critical role in the fault tolerance of a broad range of applications, from currencies, to elections, to infrastructure orchestration, and beyond.

The ability to tolerate machines failing in arbitrary ways, including becoming malicious, is known as Byzantine fault tolerance (BFT).

Tendermint is an easy-to-understand, mostly asynchronous, BFT consensus protocol. The protocol follows a simple state machine that looks like this:

Tendermint is broadly similar to two classes of software. The first class consists of distributed key-value stores, like Zookeeper, etcd, and consul, which use non-BFT consensus. The second class is known as “blockchain technology”, and consists of both cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, and alternative distributed ledger designs like Hyperledger and ErisDB.

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