Kick off your blockchain development with blockcypher

Kick off your blockchain development with blockcypher

November 19, 2016 by Hitesh Malviya
Blockchain Blockcypher

BlockCypher was one of the only infrastructure service during the early days of Bitcoin to make Bitcoin development easier. Starting from the bottom up is no easy task for developers not familiar with the block chain.  BlockCypher’s extensive APIs has made it easier for us to build tools to interact with the Block chain.

Itsblockchain blockcypher

Here are some of the notable APIs they have:

Double spend detection – An API that notifies you when someone attempts to double spend a transaction

Multisig utilities – For creating and signing multi signature transactions

Transaction confidence score – When used with the double spend API, it allows you to accept transactions without having to wait for a confirmation (0 confirmation). This is great for businesses building POS applications.

Webhooks – Receive callbacks for transactions, confirmations and other notifications.

Supports multiple alt-coins – Interact with not just the Bitcoin block chain, but for several altcoins as well.  accept Dogecoin, Litecoin, URO and Testnets.

Their API is more extensive than any other block chain API service currently available. Check them out if you are looking to build block chain applications. I also personally contribute to their Ruby Gem @

Check out a crash course on blockchain development by blockcypher


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