[ICO Watch] Egretia aims to bring a billion devices to the blockchain world

[ICO Watch] Egretia aims to bring a billion devices to the blockchain world

Blockchain ICO
May 8, 2018 by Hitesh Malviya

Visionūüí°: The World’s First HTML5 Blockchain Engine and Platform



HTML5 technology has been globally recognized as a cross-platform and cross- terminal solution. Despite the rapid development of HTML5 industry, there still remain many pain points like lack of a global, unified and secure payment platform, lack of solutions to securely store virtual assets of users, lack of mechanisms to ensure fairness in games etc. Egretia is building a platform meant to solve HTML5’s major issues. The Egretia platform includes a blockchain based development workflow, four core platforms and an incubator, providing comprehensive blockchain solutions and services for players, content-providers, channels and advertisers, and facilitating a complete ecosystem. It has the following features:

  • Self-developed public chain
  • Consensus mechanism based on dPOS
  • High performance
  • Real-time parameter adjustment
  • Efficient and convenient development suite

‚ÄúEgretia will bring 200,000 existing developers and the 1 billion HTML5 devices into the blockchain world‚ÄĚ

Team & Advisors¬†‚≠ź-¬†8.5/10

Egretia is a product of Egret Blockchain Lab, a company founded in collaboration with Egret Technology. Egret Technology was founded in 2014 and has R&D centres in Shanghai and Beijing. Core tech team comes from Adobe Asia R&D centre, having over 15 years professional experience. Egret Technology already has partnerships with world-renowned  companies like Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Adobe, Firefox and Intel 

Peter Huang, Founder РCo-founder of Egret Technology with 18 years of experience in software development, including roles as a technical manager at Adobe Flash Platform and Evangelist at Adobe Systems.
Dirk Meyer, Co-Founder Рworked as Senior Program Manager at Adobe. He has worked in global project management for about 20 years.
Yin Ma, Compiler and toolchain expert РSenior staff engineer at Qualcomm, Yin has about 20 years of experience in software development for companies such Microsoft, Absoft, and similar.

Egretia’s advisors include among others Lucas Lu (founder of 5miles and Cybermiles), Frank Lee (founder of several startups, Angel Investor and developer of the first Litecoin ASIC miner in the world) and Hongfei Tian (founding partner of iVision).


The team has a very ambitious roadmap with major releases every quarter till Q2 2020. They are working on releasing their MVP soon.

Q2, 2018: Release test development tools, test chain and smart contract

Q3, 2018: Launch the first wave of its own blockchain games and applications

Q4, 2018: Release the Blockchain SDK alpha version

Q1, 2019: Release user digital wallet

Q2, 2019: Release Egretia Blockchain Game Platform

Q3, 2019: Release Egretia Virtual Goods Trading Platform

Q4, 2019: Release Egretia Advertising Platform

Q1, 2020: Support Ethereum, EOS and other public chains

Q2, 2020: Launch stable Egretia Blockchain V1.0

Token Metrics – 8.5/10

Total Hardcap: 35,000 ETH + 6,000,000 CMT+ 1,000,000 ABT (approx $26M)

Max supply: 8B total tokens

Token sale %: 39%


Egretia does not have any direct competitor.

Verdict¬†– 82%ūüĒ•

Egretia looks to be a truly innovative project with a team of very experienced software engineers and entrepreneurs. The absence of a competitor will definitely give Egretia the first mover advantage in this space which has a global market opportunity of 100 billion dollars. Along with strong partnerships its parent company, Egretia Technology already has before and its ambitious roadmap, we are very excited to follow this project and believe it will have a major impact in the HTML5 space in the long term!

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