Eligma brings offline crypto payments to the world’s first BTC city

Eligma brings offline crypto payments to the world’s first BTC city

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March 16, 2018 by IBC Staff

Eligma, an AI-driven and Blockchain-based cognitive commerce platform, has launched their crypto payments platform EliPay in Ljubljana, Slovenia, the world’s first Bitcoin city. They are setting their testing lab in the heart of Europe, Slovenia, where they will offer transactions with cryptocurrencies in some of the selected offline stores from this April onwards.

Partnership with BTC City 

The EliPay system, the platform’s cryptocurrency transaction system, is set to enable the cryptocurrency transactions to be it offline or online. In their early development and testing phase and during the crowdsale campaign, which Eligma is currently running, the team announced to showcase the usability of EliPay in the offline world in their testing lab in BTC city. 

Jože Mermal, Chairman and CEO of BTC d.d, the firm that manages BTC city said, “The BTC d.d. company strives for the development and implementation of the latest technologies into its business environment. As a strategic partner of the Eligma company, we will, therefore, enable the testing of Eligma’s EliPay system in a real environment at selected business partners in BTC CITY Ljubljana. EliPay will enable the use of cryptocurrencies both online and in the physical world, creating a modern, transparent and simple shopping experience for our visitors and business partners.”

According to a release from the company, the crypto payments market reached 2.3 trillion U.S. dollars in sales last year, the aim of the Eligma team is to simply crypto payments for online and offline businesses. Eligma CEO Dejan Roljič said, “We are lucky in partnering with BTC d.d., a company which runs an esteemed Slovenian retail, logistics, business and entertainment centre called BTC City Ljubljana, with over 60 years of tradition. Its area, which spreads over 475,000 square meters, annually attracts more than 21 million visitors. With its unique ecosystem and more than 450 stores, BTC CITY hosts more than 4,000 business partners; they are an ideal testing lab, where we plan on testing EliPay and launching the first version of Eligma by the end of 2018.”

Future updates and Upcoming Crowdsale 

The company also aims to leverage machine learning and AI technology, to build a platform that will save its users time and money by providing them with the best search results, based on the specifications of the product they are looking for online. This will be enabled through Eligma’s discovery feature, with which users will be able to access the plethora of different goods online from one account. With their single sign-in feature, users will be no need to sign into several online stores for price or product comparison because Eligma will provide you with best deal for your next purchase.

With a first-stage roadmap and milestones spread over the next three years, the Eligma team is planning to develop a complete technological solution for resolving the drawbacks of commerce and e-commerce and simplifying the shopping experience.

The start-up will be selling 300,000,000 ELI tokens with the hard cap of 24 million U.S. dollars through a public crowdsale, starting on 17 April, with the pre-sale for early project believers and contributors starting on 20 March. 

Learn more about Eligma and find their whitepaper at Their website

Join the Eligma Group on Telegram to learn more  – https://t.me/eligma.

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