[ICO Watch] Endor – Blockchain for AI based prediction and analysis

[ICO Watch] Endor – Blockchain for AI based prediction and analysis

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February 12, 2018 by Akshita Ghusingha
Endor Protocol

The Endor blockchain is a decentralized trustless protocol, which aims to utilize AI (Artificial Intelligence) for predictions and analysis. It is a product of MIT where it spent years to get developed. Now, the platform seeks to become “Google for predictive analysis”. It will provide automated predictions that are accurate, quick and accessible to all. This will democratize predictive science and reach to the masses.

To achieve this goal, Endor has introduced the new Social Physics technology (also a product of MIT), where machines and scientific data will integrate to predict social issues. Endor will make accurate predictions that are both scalable and accessible. The platform will utilize EDR coin as its cryptocurrency.

Current Challenge

The biggest issue with today’s predicting is – inaccessibility. Only big tech firms that have massive funds, capital and capacity can invest in predictions. Predicting science requires AI complex and extremely trained data science experts. These resources are expensive, scarce and time-consuming. So, general people find doors to predictions inaccessible. Only big tech companies that can spend millions are able to utilize them.

But these predictions are very beneficial and give massive returns. However, the technology is still in a vicious cycle of upper-class. Those who can afford to spend millions on it are the only ones who can make many more millions in return.  

Endor’s Solution

Endor provides a solution to this monopoly by making predicting science accessible. It will provide accurate and automated predictions to companies at affordable rates. This solution will largely be powered by MIT’s new Social Physics technology and massive computer power. The need for data science expertise will be eliminated.

This will allow companies – large-scale, small-scale as well as a novel to boost growth based on unlimited accurate predictions. They will be able to scale predictive analytics immediately and respond to market at the moment. In fact, predictive sciences will be democratized at such a large scale that even individuals will be able to afford predictions for their professional and social lives.

Social Physics

Social Physics is a newly introduced branch in the arena of sciences. It utilizes large data, data analysis, and the mathematics behind human biology and psychology to understand the behavior of humans.

“We are coming to realize that human behavior is determined as much by the patterns of our culture as by rational, individual thinking. These patterns can be described mathematically, and used to make accurate predictions.” Alex Sandy Pentland (Prof. MIT, Co-Founder of Endor, One of the World’s 7 Most Powerful Data Scientists)

How to ask Endor?

For Individual Crypto Holders:

For individuals, they can either ask a question on Endor or use the growing catalog of pre-defined predictions. By sending a “request for prediction” (RFP), they will get accurate results of their question.

For Firms and Businesses:

Firms and businesses can get private predictions for their company; by using the information of their propriety data integrated with the protocol’s public data. The need for private data science team is eliminated.

Data on Endor

Public Data Providers

Data on Endor can be publicly provided, as more data increases accuracy. High-quality data gets rewarded with EDRs. This gives a motive to users to provide accurate data and earn Endor coins.

Engines Providers

Along with data, a predictive engine can also be integrated by the users. This is to increase the efficiency of the platform. The more efficient the engine, the more EDR coins the user gets.

Endor.coin Protocol

This is where AI plays its best part. Endor.coin protocol optimizes each prediction via an automated selection of the most relevant behavioral clusters. The social (human’s psychological behavior) integrates with the Physics (AI) here. This protocol is regardless of the engine or data sources.

App Development

Development of predictive apps, based out of the Endor platform will also be rewarded with EDRs.

How does Endor Work?

The platform will have “refreshed data” – IT uploads row, encrypted and transactional data. It engine will scan the data and create “social spheres” daily. Around 500 thousand groups of objects that are currently acting similarly will be grouped. Upon asking a predictive question, the answer will appear on basis of past examples that exhibited similar behavior. The examples with the strongest correlation will appear.

Benefits of Endor

Decentralised and Censorship resistance

For each prediction, the protocol selects behavioral clusters based on analytics engine and data sources that best suits it, regardless of who provided the information. The protocol is a separate automated platform. It is uncontrolled by data providers or engine providers. There is zero bias. So the platform functions in fully decentralized, trustless and most efficient form.


Social Physics technology has been proved to lead to very accurate predictions by leading companies. Furthermore, when this tech is democratized, more data and engine providers will enhance its efficiency.


Since this technology utilizes blockchain, accountability is evident. Predictions are indefinitely and transparently stored, with the evidence of predictions’ time, data and other information.

Data Sovereignty

Users who provide data on the platform have complete sovereignty over how to use it. If they want to flag it as “public”, the clusters use them to provide predictions publicly. They are compensated with EDRs. But if user flag it as “private”, the data is solely used by its owners.

Many leading giant techs have pointed out that Endor is a technological breakthrough. It will very likely revolutionize our future like Google once did.

Visit Endor – https://www.endor.com/

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