5 reasons to be excited about Endor

5 reasons to be excited about Endor

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June 3, 2018 by Hitesh Malviya
Endor Protocol

Endor is the world’s first predictive analytics protocol that will enable an ecosystem that provides automated accurate and fast predictions without the need for data scientists. Here we give you 5 reasons as to why we are excited about Endor.


Companies often employ number-crunching data scientists and install complex hardware and software and spend a lot of time computing time and resources to gather insights such as which customers want a certain service or where to open new stores etc. Analyzing the data to answer those queries can take weeks or even months. Nowadays only large corporations can afford this kind of service to generate accurate predictions which are critical for their business. Endor is going disrupt this industry through its innovative protocol which will make it as easy as doing a Google search to obtain predictions for your business needs.


16 world-class professionals which include data scientists, IT specialists, product experts are among its team members. Some of them are academics with PhDs including MIT researchers Dr. Yaniv Altshuler (Co-founder and CEO) and Professor Alex Pentland (Co-founder) who developed the theoretical base for the Endor protocol and Social Physics. They also have 8 advisors who are specialists in the field blockchain technology, data science and big data analytics.


The list of its clients includes big names such as Coca-Cola, Twitter, Mastercard and Walmart. Endor’s prediction engine has already been successfully used by Coca-Cola to find out market campaign effectiveness and product adoption and by Twitter to detect ISIS activists. In addition, they already have partnerships with some of the big names in this space like Bancor, DAOstack, Enigma and Amazon AWS.


Endor has been under development in the MIT since 2014 and their engine is a working product. The platform is based on the science of “social physics,” co-developed at the MIT Media Lab. Social physics predicts the behavior of the crowd by using mathematical models and machine learning. In the words of Dr. Altshuler, Co-founder,

“It’s just like Google. You don’t have to spend time thinking, ‘Am I going to spend time asking Google this question?’ You just Google it,” Altshuler says. “It’s as simple as that.”


Endor EDR token has inherent token utility as companies will pay these tokens to make a prediction request. The price of the token is based on the complexity of the prediction request. The tokens will be used to pay the analytical data providers supplying the data sets and to those performing the complex computations. A significant part of the generated tokens will be spent on research and development and to establish partnerships and acquire prediction engine technologies.

Endor recently conducted its token sale successfully and the token is currently trading just above ICO price on IDEX. For more information about Endor, check out the video below:

Website: https://www.endor.com/

Telegram: https://t.me/endorcoinGroup

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