Faceter: A Сomputer vision surveillance technology

Faceter: A Сomputer vision surveillance technology

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February 3, 2018 by Hitesh Malviya

Faceter claims to be the first decentralized surveillance system for consumers. Faceter makes video surveillance smart, giving brains to cameras through enhanced face detection, object detection and real-time video analysis. These features allow cameras to understand the situation and respond to it, offering much better security to all the customers.

Computer vision technology on the blockchain powered by a decentralized network of miners makes the product affordable for all-sized businesses and mass market consumers. The benefit from a mining perspective is that a contribution of miner’s resources to Faceter is twice as profitable as the mining of Ether on the same Graphic Processing Units (GPU’s)*.

The problem

Their whitepaper outlines the problem in the following way –

Most video surveillance systems are of little use, and therefore inherently inefficient since it is only possible to record data via videos, and store video archives. They are therefore backward-looking and dumb in that they cannot, and are completely unable to react to a situation when it is actually happening in real time. Computer vision technologies are expensive to develop and require the additional expense of requiring substantial computing resources to run.

Only a few very expensive B2B solutions have computer vision and video content analysis implemented as a part of their technology stack. As a consequence, their technologies are still very early-stage compared to the possibilities offered by the vast potential of neural networks.

The Market 

Video surveillance systems are currently the most efficient technical tool to ensure public safety by the means of recording facts and controlling the situation at any site. The global increase in crime, terrorist attacks and, most especially, public concern about safety are the factors that promote the development of the global video surveillance market.

According to Markets&Markets, the industry’s turnover reached $30.37 billion in 2016. The growth rate is seemingly unabated, as the industry is expected to reach $75.64 billion in turnover by 2022.

The Faceter presale 

Faceter started its Whitelisting procedure on January 29th 2018 and has received over 7,000 applications from 135 countries in just 2 days as of January 31st 7:00 AM UTC. The requested amount exceeded Presale token supply more than 15-times.  

The new date for the Presale to commence is February 5th, 2018 7:00 AM UTC. Prior to this date, all whitelisted contributors will be able to fund their account with their chosen cryptocurrency (per the list of acceptable cryptocurrencies) in order to confirm their reservation.

In addition, the Faceter team will provide tranches of tokens with 40%, 30% and 20% bonuses that were originally reserved for the main Token Sale for delivery to those who applied for the Whitelist. All these bonuses are to be distributed on first come, first served basis and according to the quantities that have been published on our website. All pre-ordered but unpurchased tokens will be supplied during the next stages of Face Token Sale.

Check out Faceter here – https://tokensale.faceter.io/ 

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