Fenbushi Capital announced investment in Jarvis+

Fenbushi Capital announced investment in Jarvis+

July 16, 2018 by Hitesh Malviya
Jarvis+ Fenbushi capital

Recently, Fenbushi Capital officially announced its strategic investment in an innovative ‘AI + blockchain’ project, named Jarvis+ (www.jarvisplus.com). Fenbushi Capital which is among the world’s top 5 blockchain venture capitalists ranked by CB Insights has been consistently committed to finding the blockchain-based platform or solution that can democratize Smart Economy to everyone.

As known, whatever blockchain project it is, the fundamental and real value is the community. That means the biggest challenge is to lower the entry barriers of user participation, to keep the close communication between the team of blockchain project and the communities, and to give the community more opportunities to participate and interact with the project.

Jarvis+ is born to empower everyone and every organization to embrace Smart Economy. It is not only a decentralized service of conversation existing in any IM, Webpage, or App, but also a personal token assistant and a powerful AI conversation infrastructure that could be integrated into any user scenario of Blockchain to active communities.

The name of Jarvis+ derives in part from Iron Man’s AI assistant Jarvis (J.A.R.V.I.S): In the film, the interaction between Iron Man and Jarvis based on natural language is exactly what the team has been working for many years, and the + sign represents the project’s Value: “Upgrade” and “Connect”.

Bo Shen, the managing partner at Genesis Financials and Fenbushi Capital, talked about the project: “Community is the basis for any blockchain project. As a kind of infrastructure service, Jarvis+ can be used into many projects in the Genesis Financials ecosystem and help them to make their communities active.”

At the moment, Jarvis+ is working on its 1st Bounty Program with the help of the partner Bounty Global, which is available at https://jar.bounty.global/.

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