GameCredits Is Gonna Change The Entire Gaming Industry

GameCredits Is Gonna Change The Entire Gaming Industry

July 3, 2017 by Hitesh Malviya

Gamecredits is actually a new payment gateway for gaming industry. But, it differ in a lot of ways from traditional gaming system.

“There are a lot of challenges and limitations with current payment solutions and platforms in the gaming industry. We will provide gaming companies a very specific solution to make payments seamless, easy and secure. We will offer the gaming industry ways to pay less and make more. Our in game payment gateway is built for the gaming industry by the gaming industry.” says the team.

Let’s see what are the changes GameCredits is going to bring:

Easy Integration- Gamers will have a really cool and friction-less gaming experience with not affecting the gameplay. Big gaming companies like datcroft, appmarka etc already have partnered with the Gamecredits. There are 300 games available for now on their platform which will be increased to 1000 games by the end of the year.

Unlimited Deposit- Today gamers are restricted to spend a specific amount of credits to purchase their favorite games or tools and features. Gamecredits removes the limit and you can spend the amount you want.

Purchase Power- Each time a player uses gamecredits for purchase, he will be incentivized to do so in the form of purchase power. If you know the Steem platform, it is same as steem power.

Increasing Value- With increased use of gamecredits platform the value of credits will keep increasing resulting into rapid growth of player’s purchase power. Gamecredits is also listed on big cryptocurrency exchanges where it can be traded also. In short more you play, more you earn.

One Common Platform- On Gamecredits platform you do not need to purchase multiple games from multiple accounts. Here you can purchase any game with gamecredits. Also, you can send your gamecredits to anybody in your network.

Now imagine a platform where you are playing, more you play more the credits and purchase power increase. That means you can trade your collected gamecredits on exchanges too. Also, the thing which happens with most of the games  is that hackers many times manipulate their credits and thus they perform better and get higher rankings. That thing is impossible with gamecredits, because when blockchain is introduced in any platform it becomes nearly unhackable.

Gamecredits is sure the thing of future. You play, you earn, your data remains secure, nobody can manipulate the credits system and many more. Here is the website of gamecredits to visit, if this concept really interests you.

Next pick- Stay tuned to know the next blockchained app store which aims to replace the google playstore.

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