Gladius Public Presale is live now

Gladius Public Presale is live now

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November 24, 2017 by Hitesh Malviya

One of the most exciting ICOs of the year has just opened its doors to the public, with a Public Presale now live and underway.

Gladius has been one of the most anticipated ICOs of the year, with streams of industry news outlets reporting big things from the DDoS protection firm.

On top of the plethora of security features available, Gladius is also capable of earning its users a passive income by renting their spare bandwidth.

With 50% of websites facing attack every single year, this hackers’ lottery means that all businesses with an online presence, regardless of size, need to be cautious of their approach to cybersecurity.


The Gladius public presale is open now

Click here to register your interest


Max Niebylski, Gladius CEO and co-founder, said: “Gladius kills two birds with one stone by utilizing unused resources to build a robust network to make websites load faster and yet still stay strong under network flooding attacks.”

“Typically, more people means less security and certainty. However, Gladius completely flips that paradigm by using numbers to our advantage. And, using the blockchain to create a network of trust enables us to spread sensitive and vital information across the globe while remaining fully encrypted.”

What makes Gladius particularly interesting lies in its means of attaining seed capital. An ICO works similarly to an Initial Public Offering (IPO), but offers investors tokens instead of traditional stock. Gladius is offering its shares in the form of its own tokens, which will inevitably increase and decrease in value depending on the business’s success. 

Crowdfunding through an ICO has been a popular way for bright young companies to raise both their capital and their profile. Ethereum, a cryptocurrency in its own right, ran one of the first ICOs, raising $18m in just 42 days. Each Ether, Ethereum’s subsequent token, was worth around $20 in June last year – at the time of writing that has increased dramatically to more than $300.

Remarkably, as well as DDoS-tight protection, the product also has the capability to earn its users a passive income. The team behind Gladius says that the vast majority of internet connections go unused for the vast majority of the time and, subsequently, with their platform it is possible to rent out that spare bandwidth.

This does not mean that users of Gladius will experience negative effects as a direct result of use – in fact, quite the opposite. Thanks to its ability to locally cache static content, close to its user’s location, web speeds should see a dramatic improvement.

Steps to take part in the Gladius ICO

1) Open a wallet and become acquainted with how it works. It’s very simple

2) Buy at least one Ether, the currency of Ethereum, to be eligible for the public presale

3) Register your interest by clicking on the link below and filling out your details




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