Globex SCI is blockchainifying scientific publications

Globex SCI is blockchainifying scientific publications

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April 20, 2018 by IBC Staff
Globex SCI

So just when you thought there is no more areas blockchain can reach, Globex SCI proved you wrong. Ever thought of studying on a blockchain? Sounds crazy but that is exactly what Globex SCI enables you to do.

Globex SCI is a platform for the exchange of research papers, experiments, and general scientific literature with a possibility of monetary compensation for authors owing to the rating and download volume of their works.

Globex SCI is working with the aim of creating a link between scientists around the globe and building a platform for knowledge sharing. The platform presents a concept which will simplify the exchange of academic literature, scholarly articles, and research results.

How does Globex SCI work?

The main idea behind creating a platform like this is to make it easier for scientists to stay updated about the progress being made by their colleagues in different fields. The platform will primarily work in the following steps:

  1. A user, after purchasing the access to the platform, is able to read all the journals published on the platform and also get paid for her articles.
  2. All the data will be stored on a blockchain and the platform will use cryptography to ensure that the whole content is protected and authors get rewarded whenever their papers are downloaded.

Features of Globex SCI

Apart from being a team of enthusiastic scientists and blockchain developers, the concept introduced by Globex SCI is cost-efficient since it can save money on subscriptions.

Also, it is fair because the profit is distributed equally between the author and the publisher.

What problems will Globex SCI solve?

  • Restriction of Access: it is not a secret that most research papers and journals are available only to a restricted audience which can sometimes be very frustrating. Globex SCI solves that problem because once you have access to the network, you can read and download all the content material available on the platform.
  • Unfair income distribution: scientific activities and research does not promise any revenue to the authors and more often than not, they pay the publishers to publish their work. But with Globex SCI, authors have a chance to earn the rewards that their work deserves.
  • Copyright Infringement: Globex SCI prevents illegal distribution of scientific works.

Who will benefit from Globex SCI?

The platform is an all-inclusive concept that works quite well for:

  • Researchers (users): who can purchase access to the database and read the material available in addition to being able to upload their own work and be rewarded for it.
  • Organisations: who get an opportunity to exchange requests for publications and expand the knowledge bases via the means of the blockchain.
  • Advertisers: who get access to varied target audiences through the Globex SCI platform.
  • Publishing Houses: who can sell the rights to subscriptions to the platform and receive commissions when published articles are downloaded.

The GSI Token

Since Globex SCI is working on a blockchain, it is a cryptocurrency and the key is the GSI Token which is used to make payments for the platform services based on a system of smart contracts.

Through the use of the token, any member of the platform can avail a number of services including:

  • Saving massive data sets in the blockchain
  • Providing paid access to data arrays
  • Saving scientific materials in the blockchain to verify authorship
  • Performing distributed statistical analysis and mathematical processing of data etc.

The Bottom Line

The Globex SCI sure has introduced a rather unique and productive concept which can make things drastically convenient for researchers and scientists all over the world. The project has a strong team contributing to its development and the strategies are based on the analysis of market surveys conducted.

Globex SCI is already partners with the University of Cambridge, Institut Pasteur, SK Ckonkobo, and other universities from across the globe. The projects appear to have speculative potential and can grow with an increasing demand for scientific data on one platform. The key to the active growth of such a platform would be in constantly updating new information. If the team achieves to do that, the project can break ground.

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