How You Can Become a Crypto Investor without Intimate Knowledge of the Sector

How You Can Become a Crypto Investor without Intimate Knowledge of the Sector

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July 28, 2018 by IBC Staff
How You Can Become a Crypto Investor without Intimate Knowledge of the Sector

Anyone that keeps abreast of global financial markets in the last 12 months alone will have surely recognised a clear paradigm of the digital evolution making its mark on yet another sector.

It’s evident that the age of mainstream digital currency is here. You only need to perform a quick Google search and check out the financial news, or in some territories, even click the TV on to watch a news story about the emergence of Bitcoin.

This burst into the public conscious is not without grounding. For more than a decade, cryptocurrencies have dominated online transactions – and with new and emerging technologies and vehicles of valuation comes the need for a well-supported online and physical infrastructure.

Industry observers have watched with a keen eye and noticed a growing correlation between new and enhanced blockchain platforms and technology and the entrepreneurial impetus of a few select individual’s intent on supporting the evolving crypto sector by developing new methods of online payment.

For example, the Stream token has been made available for a decentralised platform. This gives digital marketers, such as content writers, the choice of being paid for their labour in cryptocurrency.

Another notable example of crypto influence is The Divi Project. An adaptive platform, The Divi Project provides users with an easy way to manage their blockchain assets. However, as sector-defining as these developments may seem, the crypto sector is about to bear witness to a massive shift – one that has the potential to define the sector for years to come.

Swiss-based company, Trilliant, is to launch 500 two-way crypto ATM terminals in Europe. The first of the phased launch is scheduled for October, with the staggered installation of terminals scheduled to continued throughout 2019.

The ATMs are at the cutting-edge of technological ingenuity and include features never seen on any of the 2,700 crypto ATMs currently in operation. With features that extend way beyond the simple processing of token purchases (one-way transactions), Trilliant’s ATMs give users the opportunity to deposit and withdraw their assets – even to convert cryptocurrencies into traditional currencies.

Fulfilling the same function as standard ATM terminals, Trilliant’s ATMs make depositing or withdrawing your crypto fiscal assets as easy as it is with traditional banking.

As appealing and revolutionary as this may sound, this isn’t the only service that Trilliant is bringing to market. To incentivise potential customers and give something back to those who believe in their project, Trilliant has pledged to pay their customers dividends for using their ATM terminals at the end of every month.

Set to run in tandem with the launch of their 500 ATM terminals, Trilliant’s Fractional Ownership Program gives customers the opportunity to purchase a stake in their network of terminals.

How does this work? Each of Trilliant’s ATM terminals is divided into 100 accounting units. Trilliant has made these units for sale on their website. Upon owning a stake, customers are entitled to receive a profit-sharing dividend at the end of every month – calculated as 2% of the revenue transaction fees recorded by their network of ATM terminals.

Units can be purchased using Trilliant’s unique TRIL token. Such is the buzz that has been generated around this fresh way of investing in the crypto sector, Trilliant is already advising potential investors that tokens will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Why is this such notable news? Well, even if you discount the ground-breaking software used in each of Trilliant’s ATM terminals, the manner of the investments de-mystifies the crypto sector and makes it accessible to everyone.

Arguably more attractive to potential investors is that Fractional Ownership is not affected by the value of cryptocurrency token investment over prolonged periods. It will also remain unaffected by new and emerging vehicles of valuation. Fractional Ownership is profit sharing – allowing investors the chance to receive a healthy return on any investment they make.

Investments can best be described as detached from elements of the sector that pose the greatest risk to not achieving a favourable ROI. Anyone can invest – investors don’t need MBA in Finance, nor will they need intricate knowledge of the different type of cryptocurrency and how the sector operates. All that’s necessary is the eye for a shrewd investment – which Trilliant’s ATM terminals obviously are. This gives anyone the opportunity to become a crypto investor and reap the rewards.

Learn more about Trilliant by clicking the link here and reading their Whitepaper.

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