IBC Investment Report – 82% for the month of September

IBC Investment Report – 82% for the month of September

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October 21, 2017 by Hitesh Malviya
IBC September Investment Update

In on of the worst months in cryptocurrency history, IBC investment crypto investing signals service achieved a respectable 82% signal accuracy. Despite a volatile market and tremendous amounts of FUD, our premium users enjoyed accurate and profitable trading signals, helping them profit even in bad times.

An Altcoin Bloodbath

When we published our altcoin list for September on our blog, it was just a few days before China announced their indefinite ban of ICOs. While this shouldn’t have directly affected the performance of our coins, we soon realised that the market was overcome with FUD. And for good reason too. Shortly after announcing the ICO ban, China started clamping down on cryptocurrency exchanges.

With closing of some very popular exchanges, people began speculating a possible cryptocurrency ban imposed by China. This is where things started to get seriously messed up. This suspicion saw a marked increase in Bitcoin sell rates, and the world’s number 1 cryptocurrency began seeing a marked drop in price, after just having hit an all time high. Add to this the comments of top business leaders like Jamie Dimon, and we saw Bitcoin plummet to less than 3000.

This was bothersome – when Bitcoin dropped, everything else dropped with it. And with that, went our famed accuracy of our monthly blog list.

Negotiating volatility

When you speak to top investors in the industry, they will all tell you one thing – if you want to make it big with cryptocurrency, you have to think in the long term. The other thing they will tell you is that you must understand and believe in the power of the blockchain. The evolution of money is inevitable, and no matter how volatile the industry is, good cryptocurrencies based on blockchain projects that solve real world problems will always prevail.

This is essentially our investment philosophy. Each coin we recommend, short term or long term, is only advised after critical technical and sentimental analysis. These coins fuel projects that solve real problems, that affect real people. And as long as business development ensures market adoption, these coins will grow.

From the previous month’s 88% accuracy, the China ban and the following market volatility did hit our performance, but only marginally. We still achieved a 82% signal accuracy. And this is entirely because of our the IBC investment philosophy.

IBC investment signals

Our team at IBC investment comprises of industry experts and technologist. This gives us 2 unique advantages:  

  • We understand the tech that powers cryptocurrency. This tells us how the blockchain of a particular coin is built, which is indicative of a coin’s value trend.
  • We also know the inner workings of the Altcoin trade – what is hype and what is real. How a particular partnership affects the value of a coin. How new features will affect coin value.

This led us to start our very own coin signals services. To put it simple words, we tell you which Altcoins to buy and when to buy them. We also tell you when to sell how much based on our predictions.

The result – Our signals had an astounding accuracy of 88% for the month of August.

The IBC methodology

As an Altcoin signals service, our reputation is dependent on reducing investor risk and maximising investor returns. Our trading methodology is based on this aim and has three main pillars.

A robust portfolio 

We encourage an aggressive portfolio split, where your long term bets consist of one half of your investment portfolio and are hedged on steady coins, trusted ICOs and sureshot day trades. The other half can be entirely invested in altcoins. Your portfolio split would be as follows –

Minimum risk buying and selling

For each coin we recommend, we suggest a buy zone, which is the ideal price to buy the coin. Next, we split the coin’s growth trajectory into 3 sell zones. Sell 50% of your investment when the coin touches the first sell zone, 30% in the second and 20% at the third. This applies for your Altcoin trading and day trading.

ICO savvy

We have seen great growth in ICOs in the recent past and no crypto-portfolio is complete without it. Think of ICOs as the venture capital equivalent in the cryptocurrency world. Founders raise capital from cryptocurrency and return investors with digital currencies, whose value increases as it gets closer to achieving its objective.

Technology knowledge is important to understand the implication of the project and being in the tech community will give you an idea of the team behind the project, all of which are factors that determine the success and failure of the project. This in turn impacts the value of the coins you obtain from an ICO.

September month performance

For the month of September, members of our premium signals service received advice for 60 coins for short term trading and day trading. Each of these coins designated a specific buy zone, which would be the most profitable point to buy the Altcoin.

Post this, we specified 3 sell zones for each coin. The first buy zone is the minimum profit that you can make from the investment. The middle buy zone was the most probable outcome according to our prediction, while the third buy zone is a slightly optimistic number.

Of our 100 predictions, 47% hit all three targets, 35% hit the first and second target, 20% hit the first target. Only 18% of our predictions didn’t achieve the predicted results.

September month saw some really high differentials with many coins. On an average, all the coins that achieved all targets grew at an average of 21%. Here are some examples –

How can you benefit?

At a nominal rate of 0.2 btc a year, you can now benefit from our premium Altcoin signals service. All you need to do is head over to investmet.itsblockchain.com and signup. If you’re still not convinced after this month’s stellar performance; no pressure! Sign up for our 7 day free trial and benefit from our accurate signals.

Check out investment.itsblockchain.com to know how you can get in on the hottest cryptocurrency investment advisory service today. 

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