ItsBlockchain November Signals Report – 85% signals accuracy

ItsBlockchain November Signals Report – 85% signals accuracy

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December 21, 2017 by Hitesh Malviya
Itsblockchain November report

As Bitcoin made a bull run of epic proportions, the Altcoin market saw some winners as well. The ItsBlockchain Altcoin calls for the month of November saw a nice 85% accuracy rate with most coins hitting at least 20% returns. Some coins returned massively, namely Powerledger (1000% profit), BCC (400% profit), LIFE (200% profit), QSP (80% profit) and NXT (80% profit).

A bull month

With the CME And NASDAQ announcements of trading Bitcoin in the commodities market, the crypto world saw a glimpse of what mainstream adoption might look like. Wall Street money and general interest in the cryptocurrencies has smashed every prediction that analysts had for Bitcoin. The news has been buzzing about cryptocurrencies galore and everyone wants in on the crypto growth.

While on the flip side we experienced clogged networks on most major cryptocurrencies, the public interest in cryptocurrencies has never been higher. The price surge in Litecoin is indicative this. In this time, services like ours need to evolve to start catering to more traditional investors and people without much understanding of how cryptocurrency investing works. This is one of the reasons we stopped taking new entries into our telegram channel.

ItsBlockchain Signals 2.0

Thanks for your continued support, we have been able to scale our premium subscriptions channel to a decent number which helps us meet our ends. We ran 2 discount campaigns before we decided to stop accepting any more new entries into the channel. The main reason behind this is to scale our support and infrastructure. More importantly, it is about scaling our capabilities to catering for the new demand that cryptocurrencies will see.

In the meanwhile, our thesis of cryptocurrency investing has stayed more or less the same. While our day trades requires a lot of industry and trend analysis, our long-term picks have been focusing on sound blockchain projects solving serious problem areas. This has started paying dividends as our community members have more than returned the 0.2 BTC/Year cost of our services. We will be back early next year accepting more people into our telegram group, but until then, here’s how we fared in the previous month.

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