IQeon Monetizes in-game Achievements on the Blockchain

IQeon Monetizes in-game Achievements on the Blockchain

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March 2, 2018 by Ramaa Mohan
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Have you ever wished you could make money out of a game you’re great at? Have you ever wondered how much of it you could make? Well, if you have IQeon, may just have the answer. 

What is IQeon?

IQeon is a decentralized gaming eco-system that combines two worlds that are, literally, worlds apart; the world of gaming and the world of cryptocurrency. IQeon provides a classic player-vs-player platform that has the means to monetize in-game achievements. Yep, you read that right.

How does it work?

IQeon is working on a flexible and scalable platform for the release of new games, using which players can play them. The only difference being, you get paid for your in-game achievements. The platform is a player-vs-player platform which, in the literal sense, means just that.

As a player, you can bet on the likelihood of you winning by pledging a certain amount of money, against another random player or even someone you know. The total bet money is bound to a smart contract and the person who wins the bet wins all the money. This allows players to monetize their intelligence with respect to the game, their in-game achievements and try their luck at the same time.

The money, though paid in the in-house IQeon tokens (IQN), can be converted into the other cryptocurrencies and also back to fiat currency. And this is where the Blockchain is used.

The Blockchain Use-Case.

The payouts or the prize amount is paid to the winning player on the Ethereum Blockchain. Though all prize money will be in IQeon Tokens, it can easily be converted to other cryptocurrencies and fiat currency, too.

One of the biggest advantages of using the blockchain is its permanence, in that the transaction records cannot be tampered with, transparency, without compromising anonymity in case someone should choose to remain anonymous and its high degree of reliability. Apart from IQeon being fully supported by the Ethereum blockchain it also uses the smart contract mechanism which ensures chances of winning and eradicates doubts about the safety of the money that is being betted upon.

The IQeon token adheres to ERC20 Standard, which makes it easier for the platform to integrate itself and work with existing cryptocurrency infrastructure. The tokens are compatible with all existing wallet technology which in turns makes it easier for players convert them into traditional cryptocurrencies.


Critical Information.

The company has been running a main token offer ICO since the 30th of January. It is, right now, in the fifth and final stage of the ICO which ends in two weeks time, i.e, the 13th of March. Early investors are being offered a 5% bonus, which means if an investor buys n IQeon tokens now, they stand to gain an additional 5%.

All major cryptocurrencies are being accepted and the ICO ends on 13th of March.

The Verdict.

IQeon essentially is building a platform where safe bets can be made and seen through. Using the blockchain the platform assures a definite chance at winning while protecting its users from schemes and fraudulent bets. It also provides a mean through which gamers can monetize their in-game achievements, giving them a real-world and tangible result to hours of gaming. The platform is also providing game developers with an entirely new platform to release their games and giving them another aspect to, possibly, integrate into their games.


Overall, the project has all the tells of a good product. The team comprises of people with at least 10 years of experience in the financial market as well as the IT sector and, as a product looks very promising.


But will its use pick up amongst the average gaming community? Only time will tell.  

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