KuCoin is the next revolution in DEX

KuCoin is the next revolution in DEX

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February 21, 2018 by Janhavi Arora

KuCoin is a rapidly growing cryptocurrency exchange that shares 90% of its trading fees with its users.It was emerged during the year 2017 and has had a very good acceptance by becoming one of the most used exchanges of Asia in just a few months. Rather than keeping all profits from trade fees for themselves, 50% of the revenue goes towards users that refer others and 40% goes to users that hold KuCoin Shares (KCS), KuCoins ERC20 token.

At this time KuCoin only takes 10% of trade fees for themselves.It is an interesting way to generate passive income, especially when considering there are “only” 100 million KCS in existence at any given time. Every token is currently valued at slightly under US$0.50, which could easily turn it into a solid investment opportunity.Kucoin also offers a very nice referral program which not only benefits you for sharing your invite code but if someone you have invited shares the referral code with others, you will also get a small percentage of their transaction fees too.

KCS is subject to daily dividends, with half of the fees being split among all circulating KCS, which will never exceed 100 million KCS. It has already grown to be the 17th most active cryptocurrency exchange by volume recording over US$ 150 million in transactions in the past few hours alone. It is a new and quickly growing altcoin exchange striving to rival major players such as Binance. KuCoin shares were initially distributed through a private sale and an ICO as a means of funding the development and growth of the exchange. Like Binance’s token KCS can be used to pay trading fees, and doing so rewards users with a significant discount.


This exchange is moving faster than binance did and will likely be in the top 5 really soon. It has a great user interface and is really growing as a speeding bullet. The other advantage is that they pay you for owing their shares. Also, KuCoin shares are still cheap. One can easily buy them. Interestingly, it is the only exchange that has many new coins and they only list in quality coins with teams they believe in so there is full security.

Other Advantages of Kucoin are:

  • High-performance engine: The trading system has adopted the highly- efficient memory matching technology whose order- making peak value is 1 million+/ second
  • Efficient customer service: Dedicated to resolving customer’s needs without any delay, Kucoin offers 24*7 customer service through multi-channels including webpage, hotline etc
  • Operation Strategies: The most enduring and fundamental competitiveness of KuCoin lies in its powerful research and development team which ensures world-class stability and service quality.
  • Daily Payouts: This is huge, especially if the exchange becomes one of the top 10 or even 20, the average daily pairing and resulting fees distributed in respective tokens makes it a slam dunk. One can make more money by investing in a coin that might double or triple in few weeks. However, the potential for passive income that a successful exchange can generate outweighs short-term gains



The first thing that stands out after visiting the website is the attractive banners. They have crazy promotions that are posted on a monthly basis so that one can check them out before making any major trade


Aside from their amazing promotions, they also have Google Two-Factor Authentication enabled for users that want to add another layer of security to their accounts.


KuCoin team is dedicated to blockchain technology R&D and is planned to release decentralised exchange features in the future


While placing orders to trade, holding a certain amount of KCS in KuCoin account can lower the trading fee which helps to save a lot of money.


The founders of Kucoin Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform started in-depth research on blockchain technology early in 2011 and successfully built Kucoin’s technical architecture in 2013. With the reliable and extendable technical architecture in place, Kucoin team stepped into cryptocurrency exchange business confidently in 2017, serving the industry and users with superior services and flexible operation strategies. The founders of KuCoin are :

  • Top Lan (CTO)
  • Kent Li (Operations and Maintenance director
  • Jack Zhu (Marketing Director)
  • Linda Lin (Chief Legal Consultants)

In the meantime, Kucoin’s capable operation team shall create a bright and prosperous future through long-term and large-scale online/offline promotion and operation.

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