Lampix Crowdsale Closing in on the Finish Line with Over $7.5 Million Raised

Lampix Crowdsale Closing in on the Finish Line with Over $7.5 Million Raised

August 16, 2017 by om malviya

Lampix has successfully raised over $7.5 Million with the Crowdsale approaching its close time on August 19 at 8:00am EST. George Popescu, CEO at Lampix said, “We are at 50% of our crowdsale and we have raised more than 25,000 ETH so far, with 64 Million PIX tokens sold. The crowdsale is already exceeding our expectations.”


This crowdsale will propel Lampix to accomplish their vision, which is to create the largest computer vision and machine learning database that will empower Lampix and many other projects to revolutionize how humans and machines interact. Their mission is to have a Lampix in every room, shop, office, and factory. George said, “Many publications have pointed out the huge potential impact of our big data crowdsourcing approach and we think the next Google or Facebook will be built on the blockchain. We plan to map the interior world of objects in the same way Google maps mapped the outside world. Nobody has done this before.” To map the ‘interior world’, Lampix will need to build a community of dataset contributors. Blockchain will make the data ecosystem decentralized, meaning there is no central authority over the data, and PIX token, gas of the data ecosystem, will attract people to grow the database.


The Lampix crowdsale is still open and is inviting people to participate in the crowdsale token launch with a 5% bonus of PIX granted throughout day 3 to 10. They are currently on day 7 and ending the crowdsale on August 19 at 8:00am EST. To learn more about Lampix or to participate in the crowdsale, please visit their website at For press inquiries, please contact Kyle Potter, Strategy and Marketing Lead at

Lampix is building the first blockchain based ‘image mining’ network for augmented reality or any other computer vision systems. The company is creating a new blockchain that will hold {image,description} data-sets of real world objects. This data is a vital prerequisite for augmenting reality systems ranging from smartphones, wearable glasses, or their own Lampix product. Lampix transforms any flat surface into a smart surface using machine learning and computer vision. Since starting Lampix in 2015, the company acquired paying clients like Bloomberg, PwC, large retail chains, and has a pipeline of approximately 200 notable companies inquiring about Lampix. Lampix was among the 2% of companies who were accepted at the Highway 1 accelerator in San Francisco in fall 2016. We also won in March 2017 the best Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality company at SXSW festival, the largest festival of its kind in the world. To enable Lampix to reach its full potential, we need to build a billion-picture-and-description database. We will use PIX tokens to grow the data ecosystem through purchases and payments. Lampix is doing a crowdsale token launch (CTL) for PIX tokens from August 9, 2017 through August 18, 2017. The CTL is a vital component to bring the Lampix and database to fruition, which will play a key role in developing augmented reality applications across many devices.

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