Last week in crypto – 22/01/2018 to 28/01/2018

Last week in crypto – 22/01/2018 to 28/01/2018

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January 29, 2018 by IBC Staff
Last week in crypto

Catch some of the highlights from the lighter side in crypto from the previous week. Here are the most interesting things that happened last week in the crypto world – 


Scientist Deciphers DNA Sample, Wins Bitcoin

Sander Wuyts, a PhD student from the University of Antwerp and Universiteit Brussels, just won a single Bitcoin as a  prize for decoding the digital information contained in a tube of DNA.

The challenge was called for by the Goldman group back in 2015. In which participants were each given a sample tube of DNA to decode. The DNA sample contained the instructions to claim the bitcoin. When Goldman announced the challenge back in 2015, a single bitcoin was worth around $313. Now, three years later it is $11451.

Bitcoin ATMs

Chiron Refineries LTD, a company whose main focus is refining crude oil, has announced to its investors that they are divulging into the cryptocurrency market.
A statement issued at market close on Tuesday said that the company’s stock price saw a 60% rise since the announcement.

Crypto Technologies LTD, is also said to be developing an ATM of sorts that will give its users a fast and secure way of selling and buying bitcoin. This product is aimed at businesses and casinos and is said to be complete and in distribution by April.

Wheat For Bitcoin?

BTC payments were sent from Russia to Turkey according to Prime Shipping Foundation, in exchange of a large consignment of wheat. The ship, that travelled from Russia to Turkey, was said to be carrying 3000 metric tons of wheat.

PSF is said to be considering this to become their new standard payment route for large commodity consignments because of the transparency and minimal logistics offered by the method. This payment is part of their pilot program of testing blockchain powered settlements of their large consignments. And they aren’t the only company that is shifting from traditional banking infrastructure to blockchain powered payment gateways.

Canadian Bitcoin Attempted Robbery

Three armed personnel entered the office of Canadian Bitcoins in Ottawa. They restrained four of the employees and compelled them to make a transfer from the exchange.

Unaware of the fifth employee, who was also in the building at the time, they continued compelling the four restrained employees, during which time the police had already been notified.

No funds were transferred, but two of the suspects managed to flee the scene. Though no names or photos have been released of these robbers, Ottawa law enforcement is still looking for the other two.

Stripe to Stop Bitcoin Payment Support

Stripe, a firm that almost 100,000 businesses use to make online transactions, has announced that it is about to stop facilitating bitcoin payments.

They claim that fewer and fewer retailers and online merchants are accepting bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment and that investors view it as more of a long-term investment than a regular day-to-day payment method.

The increased fee and longer transaction times because of the volatility of the market have also played a major part in Stripe’s decision to pull out of Bitcoin support.

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