In conversation with team leonArdo – an advanced trading terminal

In conversation with team leonArdo – an advanced trading terminal

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November 18, 2017 by Hitesh Malviya

We spoke with the team at leonArdo, who have built quite a robust trading platform specifically for cryptocurrency. Jonathan, co-founder of leonArdo spoke with us about their trading terminal and their journey so far.

To give you some background, over 90% of all stock market day trades are currently executed by trading bots. Their speed, accuracy and the ability to work without human limitations have replaced the stock market floor stock trader who would manually perform trades.

The cryptocurrency market has, in a very short space of time, crossed the 100 billion mark. On a good day, 11 billion dollars worth cryptocurrency gets traded across exchanges across the world.  Trading bots are used here too, but nothing that really executes with autonomy.

Identifying the gap

The team behind leonArdo are group of computer scientists with a keen interest in cryptocurrency. Co-founder Jonathan says, “We are 3 computer science graduates who became interested in cryptocurrencies in 2013. After a little mining we needed to use an exchange to trade for BTC and found the whole experience not so nice. There were just no nice trading tools available so we decided to create our own terminal.”

Being a team of all engineers, the collective experiences of the founding team gives leonArdo a competitive edge over other contemporaries. However, Jonathan believes that customer services and support is what matters at the end of the day.

AI and Crypto-Trading bots

Jonathan and team have a background in AI and Machine Learning, and he believes the resultant strong mathematical foundations are absolutely important for building trading bots. He says, “Although leonArdo doesn’t have an AI bot yet, having a strong mathematical background is a necessity when creating complex bots and technical indicators. And we are just dying to release our first AI bot ”

When asked about a fully autonomous trading bot, Jonathan says, “Right now it is definitely a mix between human and machine that works best. With more sophisticated bots it certainly becomes possible to leave the bot alone for longer.”

“But we are also interested in offering social trading opportunities to our customers which will give them the opportunity to follow expert traders automatically using leonArdo,” added Jonathan.

Moving forward with leonArdo

Jonathan claims that leonArdo is slowly gaining popularity among the crypto trader community. Jonathan says, “Customer feedback has been awesome. We have a very loyal (and fast growing) group of users. leonArdo is well positioned in the market because it is a fully fledged trading terminal that we designed from scratch to be intuitive and easy to use for beginners and experts alike.”

“We already know we have the most advanced cryptocurrency trading terminal on the market. We want to maintain our advantage and continue to improve leonArdo all the time. Up next will be a new set of bots that take advantage of our technical indicators,” he added.

As a parting message to the IBC community, Jonathan said, “We’d love you to try out leonArdo! You can try it for free by downloading a demo version which allows you to paper trade with fake funds on real-time market data. You can see how well leonArdo’s bots work for you!”

Check out leonArdo

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