Highlights from the LISK Berlin meetup and what lies ahead

November 30, 2017 by

Lisk is a Blockchain application platform, established early 2016. Based on its own Blockchain network and token, it enables developers to build applications and deploy their own side-chain linked to their network, including a custom token, thanks to the scalability and flexibility.

22nd November was a greatly anticipated date for a long time for the community. The Berlin meetup was supposed to be held where they would be announcing their re-branding date along with many other announcements pertaining to their SDK platform.

The project has has come a long way from its ICO back in February 2016.

List Roadmap

The team has grown from a small number of 6 people to around 24 which includes developers, marketing folks and others.

Lisk Roadmap 2

  • Listed on Binance exchange
  • It released its mission statement which is Blockchain for everyone
  • They announced the amount of funding left and that it is safe and secure in their foundation in Switzerland


Community Updates

  • Updates to Ambassador program
  • Many improvements to Lisk.chat
  • Landing pages for events and community projects

Lisk blockchain update

Bring the benefits of block chain to everyone through Lisk City.

  • The blueprint will be handed out to everyone so it can be used effectively by other devs.
  • LISK.js will be a toolkit to help devs achieve their goals of creating side chains.
  • Web app to manage the above.


Their relaunch event has been scheduled to Feb 20th 2018

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Lets learn this amazing technology with us!
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Lets learn this amazing technology with us.

Download IBC Investment Report - Sep'2017

IBC achieved an unprecendented 82% signal accuracy. 

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