[ICO Watch] The Newton Project brings a new kind of hashing to blockchain

[ICO Watch] The Newton Project brings a new kind of hashing to blockchain

Blockchain ICO
May 30, 2018 by IBC Staff
Newton Project

“I think when technology develops to a certain extent, it must be applied to serve mankind and contribute to society. Otherwise, it’s a bubble, a perfect waste. The development of blockchain technology will also inevitably experience such a process, to a certain extent, it must be integrated with human life, applied in various industries, thus promoting social progress…”

-Xu Jizhe, Newton Project Founder

In 1675, after receiving much and praise and adulation for his contributions to Physics and Mathematics, Sir Isaac Newton shrugged off the aggrandizement of his peers and humbly reported that “if [he] had seen farther than others, it was because [he had] stood on the shoulder of giants,” (giving credit to scientists like Copernicus and Galileo, all of whom had laid the foundation upon he would develop the faculty of Calculus and change Modern Science forever.)

The Newton Project, based out of the Chaoyang District of Beijing, is named after Sir Isaac Newton in homage and bears striking similarities with the idea of looking farther than others and standing on the shoulders of giants in e-Commerce and Blockchain applications alike.

“It can be said that as long as there is a transaction, the Newton superexchange agreement can be used,” paving the way for applications in any sort of conventional contractual agreement or modern smart contract arrangement. Newton will allow users to create identities that go above and beyond a website username and venture deep into authentication, payment,  credit history and verification.

In terms of the internal dynamics of an organization, Newton’s hyper exchange protocol will open the doors for single users or organizations to manage inventory and the supply chain, streamline the process of accountability and auditing, and measure real-world objects via a breakthrough technology known as “Atom Hashing.” Atom Hashing uses radiometrics to analyze and digitize material things through never-before-seen methods that will revolutionize the way A.I. and the Internet-of-things can record, compile, analyze, and synthesize data and make appropriate decisions.

Externally, users and organizations will be able to use Newton to market their products or services, while being able to manage pricing and privacy as seen fit. Smart Contracts will open the doors for automated credit applications and solid risk assessments that will rapidly establish financial relationships that mutually benefit lenders and borrowers in the virtual marketplace. Naturally, Newton will serve as a payment gateway in limitless modalities, consistent with the secure, cross-border and hyperspeed transactions that the distributed-ledger is known for.


Xu Jizhe
Co-founder of Elastos
Founder of Zeuux (A Community for Free Software Usage)

Li Shubin
Founder and CEO of OKbuy

Xia Wu
Joint Chief Architect
Co-founder of Zeuux (A Community for Free Software Usage)

Meng Guang
Joint Chief Architect


Newton project officially begins.
Newton website officially released.
2018 Q3
The Newton main chain and wallet officially released.
2018 Q4
The NewMall officially released.

Token sale details 



We are very enthusiastic and anticipate the Newton Project will live up to the hype. Its Team and Advisors have a proven track record and have heavily rewarded themselves by believing in the promise of blockchain applications early on when they were nascent developments, and have also developed projects like Elastos that have already met great success.

In a world where e-Commerce has left behind its connotation as an ancillary product of a greater industry and become the industry itself, Newton Project positions itself as the framework and toolbox that will propel us into the next era and a future in which e-Commerce and the blockchain fully integrate. Stay tuned for the next development and the I.C.O. of this very exciting project!

More information about the Newton Project here – https://www.newtonproject.org/

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