NKN wants to decentralize the internet

NKN wants to decentralize the internet

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April 4, 2018 by IBC Staff
NKN wants to decentralise the internet

As the internet becomes an integral part of our lives, government and regulatory bodies in many parts of the world try and curb it. Even worse, tech monopolies like Google and Facebook own and control much of the Internet’s usage, which has deviated the internet from its original nature of being for and of the community. As vested interests try to fight for the control of information on the internet, the NKN project wants to decentralize it and give power back to the people.

NKN, which stands for New Kind of Network, wants to do 3 main things by introducing Cellular Automata to all layers of the Internet Stack –

  1. Decentralise the network, starting from application connectivity, to networking protocol
  2. Achieving efficient and fair consensus without compromising on node equality and decentralization
  3. Maximising network resource utilization by incentivizing community-driven network creation, participation, and expansion.

How it works – Cellular Automata and Proof of Relay

7/10 – Great concept but no working product yet

Decentralising the internet is no easy task and requires many complex methods and NKN implements two of them. First is Cellular Automata, which is a set of rules for a network which keeps the network layer decentralized and fair, as described here –

The second is a Proof of Relay, which is defined as a useful proof of work. According to their whitepaper, it is a mechanism that encourages participants to contribute to blockchain network by sharing their connectivity and bandwidth to get rewards, enhancing network connectivity and data transmission capacity. PoR is a useful Proof of Work.

Apart from this, NKN tokenizes network connectivity and data transmission capability by encouraging participants to share their connectivity and bandwidth in exchange for tokens. Idle network resources can be better used through such sharing mechanism. NKN improves the utilization of network resources and the efficiency of data transmission.

The team

10/10 – If anyone can pull this project off its these guys

NKN is a deeply technical project and you would expect it to be lead and advised by the best computer scientists. This is the case with the project. The founder Yanbo Li isn’t a CEO, but the core developer of the project. He is an open source expert and a Linux Kernel network subsystem code contributor. In the crypto world, he founded and led Onchain Beijing office and developed open source blockchain platform DNA (Distributed Network Architecture). He’s spent over 10 years at Nokia and Qualcomm in their R&D labs. He also studied CS at Stanford University.

The business end is lead by Bruce Z. Li, who has held leadership roles at Nokia and Google. He has founded and led multi-million dollar startup projects in mobile wireless and software as well as managed large R&D teams across the US, EU, and China. The duo is joined by Justin Wang and Yilun Zhang who are developers as well as co-founders of the team with prolific backgrounds in industry and academia.

On the advisory front, they have one name, but a very influential one at that. Whitfield Diffie is perhaps one of the biggest names in cryptography. He invented public key cryptography and is a Turing Award winner.  He joined Sun Microsystems as a distinguished engineer and remained as Sun fellow and chief security officer until the spring of 2009. Currently, he is a consulting scholar at Center for International Security and Cooperation at Stanford University.

Our take

We would give the project hype an above average 6/10, but this is understandable as this a project not a lot of people are going to understand. Their community on Telegram and Twitter is respectable, but nowhere close to other hype trains.

The strong points are in the technology and team, which seems to be a perfect match. The advisory board is perfect and given the experience they have among themselves, it looks like they can execute on this project quite well.

More importantly, this is a project that you should care about. If you’re reading this, it’s because of the internet and there are vested interests trying to curb it. Decentralisation is the answer and we will need a project like this to succeed and pave the way for a next-gen, community-driven internet.

Visit NKN – https://nkn.org/

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