Parksen is using blockchain and crypto for smart, green cities

Parksen is using blockchain and crypto for smart, green cities

June 6, 2018 by Hitesh Malviya
Have you ever lived in a city that you love and watched it turn into something that it’s not? Ever wished you could drive your local city council to fix specific issues so that your city might flourish once more? Well, Parksen might be the solution. Parksen is a Dutch app provider that has been

Have you ever lived in a city that you love and watched it turn into something that it’s not? Ever wished you could drive your local city council to fix specific issues so that your city might flourish once more? Well, Parksen might be the solution.

Parksen is a Dutch app provider that has been active in the Netherlands since 2015. Their cloud-based parking solution systems have been integrated by over Dutch 100 municipalities, and users of the app can enjoy the most affordable parking rates in the country. Experiencing the difficulty municipalities had with consistent innovation, Parksen decided to look across the border for more significant opportunities.

Where Are They Going?

Although their application has been tried and tested, the company is shifting its attention towards greater ambitions, which include cryptocurrency integration and sustainable city development. That is why they have launched an ICO, of which the pre-sale starts today.

With the proceeds of the upcoming ICO, Parksen will work on two of their products: further development of their parking application, and the creation of their City Platform. All in-app transactions of these products will run on PARQ, Parksen’s token on the Ethereum Blockchain.

What Will They Do?

Their efforts are focused on four elements;

  • Real-Time Data Collection Parksen plans on scaling alongside the development of IoT. They see opportunities to collect massive amounts of data by strategically placing IoT sensors all over a city. Through these devices, they will continuously collect real-time information on local traffic congestion, harmful emissions, and parking spot usage. This information will be made available to all stakeholders through their city platform and the parking application.
  • Creating of the City Platform Parksen is going to work on what they call a Green, Smart and Connected City Platform. Reliant on a massive amount of collected data, this platform will offer a universal dashboard for drivers, parking garages, and municipalities on which they can see a real-time map of the city, its current level of traffic congestion and the amount of toxic emission and pollution in the air.
  • With the available data, Parksen believes that cities can take proper measures to fight these negative factors that are plaguing the financial, mental and physical health of their citizens. Is there a high percentage of accidents at a specific intersection? Parksen’s data might be able to tell you why and how you can take actions to avoid them in the future.
  • Offering a universal solution, Parksen hopes to connect municipalities and cities all over the world, tying them all to the same platform and saving cities the development costs of having to implement singular updates and solutions.

Further Development of Parking Application The current MVP application is as light as can be. In the future, Parksen wants to use the collected data to provide drivers with real-time information on the state of traffic in their area, the available parking spots and the quickest route to destinations. Users will also be able to locate and reserve a spot ahead of time, minimizing the time spent searching and decreasing chances of being stuck in traffic.

Stimulating Mainstream Adoption of Cryptocurrencies

By creating solutions that are attractive to the local and national government, Parksen hopes to increase trust towards cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology among regular citizens. The PARQ token will be the string that threads all of the products together.

With the tokens, both drivers and municipal or corporate users will be able to pay for parking and purchase IoT devices and other sustainable city equipment such as electronic chargers for cars and a wide variety of smart sensors.

The PARQ token is an ERC20 standard that will be powered and supported by the Ethereum blockchain.

Why Use Blockchain?

Right now, the Ethereum blockchain would not be able to handle the sheer volume of future transactions, but that is why Parksen, for the time being, will put transactions in the blockchain once a month, bundled in a hash.

More interesting is Parksen’s plan to utilize the smart contract utility offered by the Ethereum blockchain. They aim to create and maintain binding contracts between consumers, municipalities and parking garages that will keep prices in check so that consumers never over-pay for their parking actions.

Finally, the collected data made available to all parties so that they may use it to develop and execute sustainable and smart city developments that fight back traffic congestion and toxic emissions.

Critical Information

Parksen has a total supply of PARQ tokens, of which they will make 2.500.000.000 available during their ICO. The pre-sale, which has started today, will run until the sale of 500.000.000 tokens, after which the public sale will commence. The public sale will run for a year but might end sooner depending on the number of buyers.

During the pre-sale, interested parties can purchase PARQ with a 30% discount at 0,07 USD per PARQ. Investors can buy PARQ tokens in Ethereum or Bitcoin. Fiat currencies payments can also be made at a later time.

The Verdict

The end goal of Parksen is to make our cities more efficient and sustainable. They have taken an interesting approach to it, by combining the cryptocurrency world with their environmental and political goals, they have made sure that two very far, very different worlds are involved in a common purpose.

They have received a lot of positive feedback, faith and interest from an interesting club of advisors, among which are policymakers within the European Parliament, IoT experts, and cryptocurrency industry leaders. The only thing users need to look out for is how smoothly they integrate the cryptocurrency aspect into the whole product.

The team is highly experienced, and they have worked on blockchain before, so the integration of these two aspects should go through seamlessly. What Parksen wishes to accomplish is slightly ambitious, because it doesn’t all revolve around technology. It involves humans and much actual change. The most trying part of their plan is going to be making good on their promises of change and progress, other than that the product is fool-proof.

Visit the token sale website –

Download their app here –

Hitesh Malviya is the Founder of ItsBlockchain. He is one of the most early adopters of blockchain & cryptocurrency enthusiast in India. After being into space for a few years, he started IBC in 2016 to help other early adopters learn about the technology.
Before IBC, Hitesh has founded 4 companies in the cyber security & IT space.

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