ICO Analysis: Perlin Network- Privacy preserving supercomputer

ICO Analysis: Perlin Network- Privacy preserving supercomputer

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July 7, 2018 by Hitesh Malviya
Perlin network

Vision💡: Decentralised Privacy preserving Supercomputer


Perlin is a DAG-based distributed ledger using the Avalanche consensus protocol, a Byzantine fault tolerant protocol built on a metastable mechanism to achieve high throughput and scalability. Natively, Perlin is armed with a decentralized compute layer, supplying it with a high-throughput engine to process parallelized computations that horizontally scale.

Perlin Network will be a decentralized network which aggregates, schedules & frames a liquid market around underutilized computing resources to make massively parallel privacy preserving supercomputing economically viable and accessible to enterprises, startups, students, and academics working on groundbreaking research and industrial applications. With Perlin’s three major components being a self-audited distributed ledger, a cryptographic proof of computational resources, and a framework for highly parallel blind computing, Perlin commodifies underutilized computing resources into highly parallel batches of computing power.

“Perlin’s novel consensus mechanism and native general-compute engine make it a protocol that could help to power the world’s decentralized economy.”

Team & Advisors ⭐- 9/10

Perlin is based in Singapore and its core team members have extensive experience in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

Dorjee Sun, CEO & Founder (https://www.linkedin.com/in/dorjee/): Dorjee is Perlin co-founder & CEO & ex-COO of Santiment.net the Cryptocurrency big data leader which launched in July 2017 helping grow the market cap from $11M to $460M+ & leading Project Transparency, which now has 38 projects & USD $2B+ in cryptocurrency projects committed to this voluntary self regulated set of disclosures. Dorjee is also an advisor and investor into blockchain startups and cryptocurrency funds including Republic Protocol, Devery, Powerledger, Loki Network, Airbloc, Quadrant. Dorjee teaches entrepreneurship to PhDs and Engineering students at UNSW and Macquarie University, was TIME Magazine Hero of the Environment, Asia Society Leader & is a World Economic Forum, WEF Young Global Leader.

Kenta Iwasaki, CTO (https://www.linkedin.com/in/dranithix/): Kenta is co-founder of Perlin & CTO, a software engineer, game programmer & robotics engineer with a heavy research background on distributed systems, cryptoeconomics, artificial intelligence, statistics & machine learning. He has worked extensively on implementing and authoring several research papers for tackling problems in industrial and scientific domains under NAVER and other companies. Kenta has also won several internationally recognized hackathons for his projects which took place under Stanford University, HKUST, University of Pennsylvania, General Electric, IBM, University of Waterloo and ETH Denver.

Perlin has advisors who are very well known personalities in the blockchain industry like Vincent Zhou (FBG Capital) and Taiyang Zhang (Republic Protocol). Some of the VCs and companies who have invested in Perlin include FBG Capital, Bitmain, F2Pool, Enjin Network, Youbi Capital, DHVC, GBIC, Zhen Fund, Node Capital, LinkVC, OkEX Capital, LD Capital, Signum Capital, JD Capital, Arrington XRP Capital, BlockTower, 1kx, Dekrypt Capital, GMIC/ GWC Network, iAngels, Beyond Blocks, ChainRock, VIN Prime Capital, Fundamental Labs, Neutral, Cryptparency, Virgil Capital and others. 😍

Roadmap ⛳- 9/10

Perlin uses the Avalanche consensus mechanism which provides a new paradigm for DAG-based linear scalability that is secure, scalable and leaderless. Initial tests of Avalanche have produced speeds of 1600+ tps on a network of 2000 nodes. More on Avalanche protocol -> https://ipfs.io/ipfs/QmUy4jh5mGNZvLkjies1RWM4YuvJh5o2FYopNPVYwrRVGV

Perlin has been working in stealth mode and is going to come out of it after its private sale. Perlin is on target for a Testnet in September!!! 🚀

PERLs acquired during this private sale process will be subject to a 3-month lock-up from the date of listing on a cryptocurrency exchange which is within the top ten globally in terms of daily trade volume. PERLs will be ERC20 tokens first but will be exchanged for native PERLs as part of the launch of the Perlin Network mainnet.


Hypernet, Golem

Verdict – 86% 🔥

One of the biggest use of blockchain technology is undoubtedly in supercomputing sector. Perlin’s novel consensus mechanism and native general-compute engine make it a protocol that could help to power the world’s decentralized economy. With Perlin Network already working on this problem in stealth mode and its test net coming out in September, we are very bullish on it. Perlin also has the backing of most of the well known VCs in the blockchain space and is extremely well connected in the industry.

Website: http://perlin.net/

Telegram: http://t.me/perlinnetwork


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