Resto – the Unrivaled Loyalty Platform

Resto – the Unrivaled Loyalty Platform

October 24, 2018 by Hitesh Malviya
Here we are going to introduce the brand new foodservice project that is going to provide the better dining out experience for all over the world. Technology offers us solutions to adopt new ways of engagement with high-speed reality. Blockchain technology has already improved several fields of our life. And now the time has come
Resto Loyalty

Here we are going to introduce the brand new foodservice project that is going to provide the better dining out experience for all over the world. Technology offers us solutions to adopt new ways of engagement with high-speed reality. Blockchain technology has already improved several fields of our life. And now the time has come for the foodservice industry to change for our convenience.


RESTO is a single and complete solution to the major problems experienced in the foodservice industry by consumers and operators alike realized by blockchain implementation.




The global foodservice market shows healthy growth year by year. Moreover, foodservice trends to partially replace comparison retail adding a social constituent to physical shopping experience. We are looking for improved experience – for more convenience, for global flavours and for more personalization.


But unfortunately, as the market becomes larger it becomes more messed up. With an increase in the quantity and variety of competing restaurants, providing a personalized experience and maintaining customer loyalty will become more and more difficult.




Operators do whatever to survive. For an independent entrepreneur striving to make their business profitable, the resource issue often becomes a sticking point. With the lack of human resource and budget they often just have to quit the game. For full-scale food chains involving considerable expenditures for promotion the problem lies in the resource that today is even more valuable than money. Information. Without transparent sources today it is almost impossible to process on time all the needed information on service quality and consumer preferences. Marketing opportunities are quite various but mostly non-transparent. The best cases in point here are Facebook or Google offering for targeting just relative clusters of users by interests and nominal income that are not informative enough. Another known fact is that review platforms like TripAdvisor, Yelp, Google My Business or Zomato contain paid and fake reviews disturbing gathering valuable feedback.


While technology is obviously going to be the solution, by now customers are confused with an abundance of special offers, code words or bonus points for random products instead of the personalization and convenience desired. The advantage of online ordering, online payments and digital loyalty reward programs are meant to change the foodservice industry soon. Don’t you feel it up in the air?




As a response to the current market needs Resto has elaborated the 4-pack Resto Loyalty Platform. The Platform includes multipurpose customizable loyalty program with exclusive marketing tools, user-friendly CRM system, all-in-one app for payments with advantageous cashback and reliable feedback service.


Resto Loyalty Platform aims to integrate foodservice loyalty programs around the world. The global approach to the development of the Global Loyalty Space is second to none and will change the nature of the foodservice industry. The integrated Platform will allow small and medium foodservice businesses to launch their own loyalty programs without much resource involved and to advertise their campaigns effectively.  For the customer the Platform allows getting attractive and fair offers instead of annoyingly irrelevant ones. Moreover, the Platform gives a general currency to visit any foodservice operator participating in Resto anywhere in the world with cashback guarantee.




A single Resto Pack provides the operator with the free CRM system, an active customer database, innovative marketing tools and a powerful competitive advantage over the longer term.


Resto Loyalty Platform itself is a customizable cross-functional loyalty program. While joining Resto each foodservice operator receives free access to all the Resto Loyalty Platform services. The operators take an advantage of easy design and administration of their own loyalty programs. All they should do is just to make several settings. While completing a profile, an operator specifies a percentage share of each bill that will be accrued to his customer with each cash or card payment. The Platform basic settings won’t let any operator cheat on customers and his final offer will be fair and advantageous.

Moreover, each operator gets access to their target audience – a superior customer database. The Platform gathers and aggregates information about each customer’s preferences. As more customers are integrated into the system, the database expands allowing each restaurant to advertise their campaigns effectively, targeting customers according to their personal tastes, average amount spent, geolocation etc. Filling the gap in small business marketing opportunities with superior customer targeting and coverage solutions, Resto has uncovered the best alternative to digital and offline ad. Maximized personalization and cross-functionality of the marketing platform enable an operator to hold the most effective campaigns that receive a positive response due to appealing directly to his core audience.


Now imagine — in the near future you may just open the one and only app to get all the most personalized offers for eating out near you. The app that is supposed to house the whole foodservice is the Resto Wallet App. It allows users to access all the services of Resto Loyalty Platform. Here one can get his crypto-cashback, can acquire extra tokens for certain actions (like submitting a review, blogging, etc.) or even transfer tokens to other RLP users. To recharge the balance, users can exchange a cryptocurrency or use a fiat currency to get RestoTokens. RestoTokens conversely can be exchanged for any cryptocurrency or fiat currency. RestoTokens are used for all transactions to reduce transaction expenses. This way Resto Wallet serves a general wallet to eat out anywhere in the world, save and earn money or share them at will. The app gives references and recommendations for restaurant choices by applying a geolocation and rating system. Resto Wallet takes advantage of the QR-code function to make transactions more user-friendly than ever before. Each foodservice operator generates unique QR codes that can be scanned with the app and deliver transactions to the Resto CRM or any other foodservice POS system immediately. The user receives a QR code with his order payment and has 24 hours to scan it with the Resto Wallet app and get his bonus RestoTokens.


For effective interaction between operators and costumers Resto is going to launch Resto Reviews. It is a unique feedback service allowing to submit and monitor only real reviews by real customers according to standard restaurant characteristics. Reviews are proven by the personal sales ticket. The built-in Guide for review management helps to work off negative feedbacks, accrue bonuses and build up customers’ loyalty in just a few clicks. The service allows small businesses taking pleasure in communicating with customers and make ratings grow to attract more potential consumers. Advanced statistics with breakdown by business units, products, average bill etc. help to provide conclusive summaries without costly research.




Resto is a universally beneficial solution to the real problems existing in the foodservice industry today. The project is still unrivaled.  It is carefully elaborated by the highly-experienced team with the support of highly-regarded advisory team. We arrived at the working product having examined the business plan from different perspectives, in keeping with the comprehensive market research, business needs evaluation and advertising performance analysis. The basic Resto idea was developed and improved to meet the demands of the foodservice industry and performed with high efficiency and a healthy outlook.


Resto currency is projected to perform at an ongoing growth rate through the engagement of each foodservice operator and the capture of each new country market. For rapid project deployment we’ve chosen the Asia Pacific region forming the vanguard for global foodservice industry development. By intelligent budget planning we will provide smooth scaling in technical terms and ensure a demand for Resto Loyalty Platform. The infrastructure development based on simultaneous fulfilling of the main functions on a local level (development, promotion and support) allows for the positive project expansion to ensure the high standards of Resto and the prospects for long-term growth.


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