[ICO Watch] The Skrumble Network is creating unhackable communication with the blockchain

[ICO Watch] The Skrumble Network is creating unhackable communication with the blockchain

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May 9, 2018 by IBC Staff
[ICO Watch] The Skrumble Network is creating unhackable communication with the blockchain


Secure Communication-Centric Blockchain


Skrumble Network is a brand new blockchain that aims to create the most secure connections for communication possible. Its blockchain and applications will let users perform communication and financial transactions more quickly and build their own applications using the network.
Its blockchain will have these 3 features:
– Data ownership: Decentralized, impenetrable network to safeguard user data and ensure content privacy
– Decentralized server: With no centralized server, Skrumble Network is virtually impenetrable to attacks and compromised data
– Security & Encryption: Employing exclusive encrypted keys for conversation and file storage on a decentralized network

“Skrumble Network will democratize communication on a global scale and give users back ownership of their own data.”

Team & Advisors – 8.5/10

Skrumble Technologies Inc is a Toronto, Canada-based company that has been in operation since 2014. It has more than 40 employees and multiple successful product lines within the space of enterprise communication.

David Lifson, CEO & Founder: 30+ Years of Developing Successful Ventures (has sold 4 multimillion dollar businesses). Responsible for first prepaid phone cards technology (ITP), largest satellite dish company in Canada (General Satellite) & file transfer technology innovation (2SendIt.com)

Eric Lifson, Co-Founder: Marketing professional with seven years of expertise developing strategic marketing initiatives for world-class FMCG, tech and retail brands including McDonald’s, General Mills and P&G.

The advisors for the project include high profile names including Anthony Diiorio (Founder of Ethereum), Jinius Tu (CTO of AION) and Jiangang Wu (Fusion Foundation). Skrumble Network is also backed by VCs like Block VC, Ledger Capital, and insChain.

Roadmap – 9/10

In 2015, Skrumble filed over 30 global patent applications. In Q1 of 2016, they launched the beta version of their Unified Communication platform. The product was officially launched in Q2 of 2017 and in Q4, 2017, they launched their feature-rich product documentation with an open API. The roadmap ahead looks like:

Q3, 2018: Launch Beta Decentralized App product

Q4, 2018: Decentralized App release

Q2, 2019: Release Open Communication Layer, Ecosystem Launch

Token Metrics – 7.5/10

Total Hardcap: 20K ETH

Total tokens:  1,500,000 tokens

Token sale %: 26%

Token price: $0.04

There will be an inflation of 1% per year to reward miners.


Skrumble Network is in the same space as Mainframe and Telegram

Verdict – 82

One of the biggest use of blockchain technology is undoubtedly in the communications sector. With Skrumble Network already in operation since 2014, we believe it has a huge first-mover advantage compared to some of its competitors. With Ethereum, AION and FUSION advisors on-board we are bullish on Skrumble Network in the long run.

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