Smart Bitcoin Trading in India

November 20, 2016 by
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Demonetization has given a major shift to bitcoin investment in india. Trading Platforms are witnessing amazing traffic and Growing day by day. We can predict a bright future of bitcoin in india, if ban saga doesn’t start again.

I am going to share a easy method to make profit always using bitcoin trading. In india we have few companies like zebpay,btxindia,unocoin which offers bitcoin exchange. They are currently charging around 20% premium on Bitcoin Rates.

Original Rate of Bitcoin at 3:19 PM IST, 20-11-2016

You will surprised to see the rate indian trading platfrom are offering

Bitcoin trading rate on Unocoin at 3:19 PM IST, 20-11-2016

Unocoin is charging around 22% premium on original rate. They are taking a huge profit to home per trade, We are throwing away 12,000 bucks to them without giving a second thought.

Zebpay Trading Rate
Zebpay Trading Rate at 3:19 PM IST, 20-11-2016

Zebpay is also charging around 20% premium on Original Rate. They also have a higher rate for selling thing, which is catch for a smart trader.

Now there is catch, you can make profit always

You can buy bitcoin at original price from US Based wallets like coinbase and localbitcoins vendors. You just need a credit card, paypal account or a friend in US. Buy at minimum rate and sell at maximum rate to generate profit.  Buy it from US Based Trading platfrom where you can get it around 52,000 INR(Price at 3:25 PM IST) and Can sell at unocoin,zebpay platfrom at around 61,500 INR.  A Straight away profit of 9500 INR, If we consider other transaction or services fees, still we can save around 8000 INR per BTC Trade. A great Deal Indeed.

Other benefit of buying bitcoins from US Based wallets is Credibility and security. Indian Bitcoin wallet provider are not much secure and under RBI Surveillance, can be effected by Ban in near future.

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