Stratis (STRAT) Is All Set To Rock The Crypto Market. Find Out Why?

Stratis (STRAT) Is All Set To Rock The Crypto Market. Find Out Why?

July 22, 2017 by Kripi Badonia
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Why You Should Invest in Stratis?

Out of hundreds of cryptocurrencies in the market, one that has risen quietly into the top ten cryptocurrencies to invest in is the Stratis Token ,STRAT. It touched the market cap of $1 Billion in the beginning of June this year.

The vision of the Stratis Platform is to become a one-stop shop for all things Blockchain; a blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) platform.

June and July of 2016 saw a 36 day ICO – at the end of which Stratis was able to raise an equivalent of 915 btc (about $675 thousand USD). After the ICO, 98 Million Stratis tokens – STRAT were distributed. From its initial value of $0.023, today STRAT amounts to $5.57 which is more than 24000% in a year, a number that deserves everybody’s attention.

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But, what is Stratis?

The Stratis Platform is an enterprise-grade Blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) Platform, created to provide simple and affordable end-to-end solutions in C# and .Net for corporations in the financial sector that want to enjoy the benefits of the Blockchain technology blockchain applications.

Basically, it is a platform which can help business implement the blockchain technology for various use cases across industries very quickly. Stratis combines the latest advances in security and stability of Bitcoin with the latest breakthroughs in network speed, scalability and customization making it one of the cleverest platforms in the field of cryptocurrency.

This powerful and flexible blockchain platform, significantly simplifies the process of building blockchain applications and accelerates the development life cycle of the same.

Technology Behind Startis:

 In a laymans words, it is a clone of Bitcoin’s core code, with a few enhanced features and written in C# language instead of C++.

C# Stratis Bitcoin Full node platform is the framework for the Stratis Bitcoin. It has been built upon the NBitcoin library. Now, secure blockchains typically consists of hundreds or even thousands of computers running the same protocol. Because of such a massive network, the Bitcoin has comparatively slow conformational times and periodic attacks mean that transactions could be delayed upto hours. Also, businesses have no control or authority over upgrades or other changes to the network. (Obviously we can’t compare bitcoin to any other coin, because bitcoin is godfather of crypto market. But still we tried.)

In contrast to Bitcoins rigidity and unpredictability, Stratis private chain provides the developers with complete freedom over customization for their specific needs. Along with a sense of freedom, security and stability are also provided with confidence with an established parent blockchain which can be accessed anytime by straightforward APIs. This gives way to rapid development of stand-alone applications based on the blockchain technology.

According to the official blog, as an initial step Stratis has deployed a template to run a Stratis Blockchain Node on Ubuntu VM. The template code allows one-click access to developers so that they can quickly have full nodes spun up for building, testing and extending the services and capabilities of Stratis. This service also allows stakers the possibility to have their coins ‘online’ and in a dedicated staking node, to protect from malware and viruses.

With technology giant Microsoft already being a major investor for Stratis, Stratis has already been added to Microsoft’s cloud service – Azure, to provide the whole functionality for creating private decentralized blockchains. Infact, Stratis is actually specialized in developing tools customized for Microsoft products. So it is natural that their platform has been added to the list of blockchain-platforms that are already present in the cloud.

Chris Tre, CEO, Stratis believes: “We see this as first step towards a deeper integration and partnership with Microsoft in the BaaS arena. Being a company that specifically develops tools for the Microsoft ecosystem, it’s only natural that we integrate as tightly as possible with their platform offerings. This undoubtedly will provide greater visibility for our projects and serve to showcase the multiple functionalities that Stratis Platform can offer.”

How similar is it to Ethereum?

Stratis is very similar to Ethereum in concept, but very different by means of code and methodology. Where both Stratis and Ethereum are platforms for developing blockchain-based applications and smart contracts, Stratis is different with its native language being C#. This means that developers do not have to learn an entirely new language to write smart contracts (Solidity in the case of Ethereum) as C# is one of the most common programming languages.

Moreover, unlike Ethereum where every contract runs off of the parent blockchain, Stratis supports various innovations and contracts on the sidechain as well.

One cannot deny that both projects have done remarkably well in the market and companies like Microsoft support both of them.

2017 Roadmap – What Stratis has in store for us

In the way Stratis has climbed the cryptocurrency ladder, it is highly undervalued in the present scenario.

Chris Trew, CEO of Stratis said:  “My goal is top three market cap. I see anything else as a failure, so the future looks bright.”

According to Managing Your Finance, Stratis updates should that they are doubling their development team and currently have $17M USD. The updated Stratis Development Roadmap 2017 has been given below :
startis, start token, cryptocurrency, startis ico

The Future of Stratis and Should you Invest in it?

The correct answer obviously depends on your objectives and the amount of risk you are willing to take.

But we can tell you that Stratis is a quality project with a quality team. With hundreds of competing cryptocurrencies in the market, striving to gain adoption into the crypto-age, everyone needs a safe space. Stratis is one of the few currencies to be adopted and implemented very quickly by almost all recognized cryptocurrency exchanges. And with the Stratis’s Breeze Wallet coming, one can only anticipate the best.

Backed by technology giants like Microsoft, Stratis is already being referred to as the technology of the future. It might be relatively new cryptocurrency, but Stratis indeed seems promising.

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